Know what is funny about the rulers here? I ACCEPTED my 100% loss! I'm not worried about making money! I just want to EXPOSE their scam!

in #steem4 years ago

I know a long time ago over a year ago that we were fucked buying into this platform... All I care about now is laughing as we go to 0! I will prove that those in power are censoring and whales circle jerking eachother to make a fortune and cashing out COUGH COUGH @ned and @dan.... AS I SAID A YEAR AGO!

PROVE ME WRONG! Oh you want to downvote me LOL you think I care? I'm so over caring! Go see my wallet! I powered down and told everyone to 12 months ago ;) DURRRR! Just like @ned did ;) HAHAHAHA

Keep being a FRAUD platform and I'll keep pointing it out!


Where I'm from we call that an exit scam, ned and dan should be brought up on charges.

Funny how they flagged me last year and then the MOMENT I started to power down they did too ;) funny how they proved they are frauds!

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