Security risks using MinnowBooster..

in steem •  last year

A question to my fellow to Steemians,

Has anyone heard of any potential security risks using minnowbooster platform? For example, password captures, or other risks to your account.

I have not heard of any, and to be honest, I have already delegated some of my STEEMPOWER.

Seems to be up and up, but just curious what you have to say...

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Is the delegation done through SteemConnect verification? I tried researching that as well. Apparently your password never leaves your browser. I haven't really found anything confirming it is 100% trust worthy or otherwise.


Thanks for the reply.

Trevon James gave up most of his POWER, and he's the second largest contributor on minnowbooster. He got paid pretty this week. Looks of tools on STEEMIT.

I've been wondering this myself. Looking for input on this.


when accounts grow a lot larger , this will be very, very important