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USI Tech has launched there very own ICO But only available to its Members at this time, so in order to buy yourself some sweet Techcoin you are gonna have to make a account on the USI Tech Website:

After you have made an account, you can buy the Techcoin ICO here:

Once you login on the current ICO Page you navigate to "View My Tokens" in order to see the Package info.

Right now the current Price is at $0,50 per coin And this coin may very well go into the $200 in a few months time!

I bought 500 Coins Yesterday for a total of €250 (Euros)
So my €250 are gonna turn into €100,000 if it reaches the $200 Market Price.

And the reason why it will reach this is because USI Tech is going VIRAL

  • 3 Million Branded ATM's across the world
  • Patented Zero Cost Mining Technology
  • BTC Package and now coming Forex Package
  • Full Transparancy on Trading
  • 300,000 Members and Growing by 500 a Day
  • Their Very own USI Tech Debit Card is coming.

So i don't know about you but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to still buy Techcoin.
USI Tech is similar but better than Bitconnect, and Bitconnect went from $0.23 to $200 in less than a year
and USI Tech will go from $0.50 to $200 in less than 6 months rest assured.

Current Stats on the ICO:

Please if you like me sharing this with all of you and you wanna thank me for helping you into this opportunity feel free to send me some love :)


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@beyondthecrypto - resteemed, have you remote viewed Techcoin, what do you see?

Have not done any remote viewing on this at all, i seriously dont even need to do so, this coin in itself holds gigantic potential to go viral on a global scale.

Not only will people see the ATM's placed world wide and wonder what is usi tech and then research, the fact that they have technology superior in mining will be a massive game changer.

So Techcoin rest assured just like bitconnect will easily reach $200

Aren't you at all concerned that Bitconnect only issued 7 million coins whereas TechCoin is issuing A BILLION!!!!! That's going to be a problem.