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Hello everyone!

As promised in the previous post, here is the first update to the Lucky Curator List.

The people listed below have managed to pick posts that will trend, early and often. Perhaps you should consider delegating some steem, or at least giving them a pat on the back. Upvoting this post will also give them a reward since they are all beneficiaries of this post.

NAMECountAVG RSharesLuck

This is the first time we have posted the list without changing the algorithm. For some reason @dimon14 had perfect luck over the last 24 hours. Voting on 6 different posts that all made it to trending, and these were the only votes they cast at all. #wow #impressive! @geoffrey managed to score 50% which is fantastic as well.

As a refresher or for those who didn't follow the evolution of the lucky 7 curation algorithm here's how we do it.

  1. Poll for the top 100 posts in trending.
  2. Sort those posts by payout amounts.
  3. Examine the votes & voters for the first 20% of each post's total rshares.
  4. Put any voters that picked 2 or more trending posts into a list.
  5. Examine the blockchain activity of each voter in the list, going back 7 days.
  6. Look for votes by each voter, that were not for things that eventually trended.
  7. Luck is votes in trending vs total votes, example 10 trending with 100 total would be 10%

That's it! We will keep posting one of these lists daily for the next 7 days and watch how it evolves and if it turns out to be lucky for us, then we'll post the source code!

Enjoy and as (almost) always, this post is 100% steem powered up!


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