Why Steem Pump & Jump to 4th Most Traded Coins On Poloniex

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Hey guys, couple minutes a go steem make a big green candle and jump to the 4th place for most traded coins with a huge volume: 1232Btc only on poloniex.

There is many reason actually for what happen the most important is the dump of the Bitcoin 50$ in couple hours from 656$ to 606$ , how many people hold steem and how much they hold , this is the 3 pricipale resaons why steem pump, this is wonderful news because we know day after day how much steem is important in cryptos world and how much cost it will be in the future.

Proof of bitcoin dump:


I'm in it and it's crazy man!! Insane

Yep, you should follow btc prices bro that's the most important in trading, after the big red btc candle prices should be up

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