How to Monetize Steemit & Support the Value of Steem

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Steem was designed with a high rate of dilution, which is used to create the reward pool for content creators, curators, and witnesses. However, unless there is a reason for people outside the community to buy Steem, the dilution guarantees that the value of Steem is likely to fall over the long run.

The low value of Steem is why it is not profitable for content publishers to use Steemit.

If you look at the top crypto-currency news sites, you will see that it pays more for these sites to use Google Adsense than to migrate to a platform like Steem or Golos. If it paid more to post on Steem or Golos, you can be certain that is where they would be. Value is constantly siphoned out of the Steem ecosystem by authors who power down.

The problem is that Steem is diluted to pay the curation rewards, but there is no reason for the outside community to buy Steem.

However, there is a way the Steem community could create that incentive.

What if we create a bot, or modify the Steem platform itself, so that an Adsense account is maintained, and ads are shown on every post. If someone clicks the ad, you get a Steemit upvote from the account that owns the ads.

When the Adsense check comes in each month, 100% of the money would be used to purchase Steem Power tokens for that account. This would create an outside flow of money into the Steem ecosystem, which would support the price of the token.

Even if Steemit, Inc isn't interested or willing to do this, somebody could fork the Steemit frontend, and create a separate domain that accesses the Steem backend, and serves paid ads with the content. That fact that this supports the price of the Steem token would encourage the Steem community to use that paid ad site.

Rather than changing the entire platform, Steemit Inc, might make such a bot, and allow users to check a box to show ads on their post or not.



Nice suggestion bro. Unless steemit support ads, it cannot rise.

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