Let’s Experiment! Curation or Passive income?

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As you know from my To Bee or Not to Bee - Perspective of a Redfish post, I'm not hesitant to experiment! The last experiment was on steeming organic with/without community support or with bidbots. Bidbots won that round. Keep in mind that market conditions were favorable at that time.

Let’s try another experiment.

Curation vs. Passive Income


There are numerous conversations thrown around on attracting investors to STEEM. There is no reason to delve into the driving forces of this blogging platform. Interested readers could read both sides of the argument with the post that is my reason for experimenting.


In the post, @therealwolf made this comment below that stuck with me:


I've tried selling the blogging aspect of Steem(It) to real-world friends and family. Having gained experience on here, I know now this world is not for them. They are all working professionals with family and none would bother to play the game on here. Let's see if passive investing is the right selling point.

To be honest, the concept of vote selling brings to mind the memory of my second grade teacher. She would punish the not-so-nice students by making them wash their mouth with a bar of soap. It's obvious I don't hold vote-selling in high esteem, BUT hey, don't knock it until you try it! I would prefer to delegate to bidbots, if truth be told, but I do want to show support to the friends that found me at my personal account, so vote-selling it is. NOT on this @beeyou account!

Experiment will be between the team account and my personal account.


My Journey in 2018

There are individuals that have been here before linear rewards, bidbots and vote selling. They remember the time of back when... It was before my time, therefore, I don’t know of that life.

For 9 months, I’ve tried growing organically, with bidbots, and with community support. There are smarter ways to grow, for sure, cough, cough, VDS! but that’s not my interest either. Not being much of a writer or willing to be a video content producer, I’m not really growing my account with blogging. More than half of my 647.55 SP is from buying STEEM. As you can also see from this snippet from Steemworld, I am not a very good curator.

So I’m posting 1-2 times a week and earning pennies with curation. How am I earning? I’m doing one heck of a poor job growing!



Team Account @beeyou

I am on vacation and will be away for the next couple weeks. It’s the perfect time for experimenting.

As you know, @beeyou is a team account. I am on here most of the time, but I still consider it a team account. We have received community support on here and I plan on letting this account resume as usual. It wouldn’t be fair to have received the support of others, and to now sell or delegate the SP away. That’s just not me. The account will auto-vote authors I normally support and if I am online, manual curation here and there. This account has never powered down. More than half of the SP is from investment.

No vote-selling or bot delegation on this @beeyou account.

Personal Account @look.it.up.on.steemd.if.curious

I started on Steemit with my personal account and asked some real world friends to join me on the @beeyou account when I realized I didn't have the time to blog solo. I prefer not to mention my username since there I can blog on whatever is of interest to me and say beautiful a gazillion times and not care one bit who reads it.

What is most important is that I have never received community support there. A few friends discovered me there on their own and aside from them, I prefer to keep my account personal and separate from the @beeyou account.

As you can see below, I’m a terrible curator on there as well. No, I do not self-vote from my alt account. I’m still too prissy, but working on changing that!

I will be vote-selling on my personal account.



ONE Month of Vote-Selling Experimenting

There are two options in earning passive income. Delegating to bidbots or vote selling. As mentioned, I would have preferred to delegate to bidbots. I will give vote selling with @smartmarket a try for a month.

The SP earned on my personal account is also mainly from investment. To start off on an even playing field, I sent myself more STEEM on my personal account so the SP on both accounts are equivalent.


SP both.JPG

There we have it. Let's experiment!

beeyou copy-paula.jpg

Image Sources: Guy, Snippets from Steemworld

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I love hour experiments, @beeyou, and I'm already curious towards the outcome.
Recently, I started a similar experiment - more by accident than on purpose.

I delegated a bit SP to a bidbot, just to see what the revenue would be.
And just last week, a friend asked me to delegate to him for 4 weeks, in return fof a fee.

So I'm in exactly the same situation. Soon, we can compare results :0)

Now you've made me curious anout your other account. Maybe I knew, but forgot. I have a terrible memory, lol.

Could it be that that account receives litgle community support because it is not really involving itself in the community??

Btw, glad to have you back :0)

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Congrats on being a dolphin now @simplymike. I saw your post but didn’t get a chance to comment. You are swimming with the big fishes now! 😁

Yes, we should compare our results. For days nothing happened with the vote selling after my post. My SP was around 100% most of the time. I thought no one wanted my pennies worth. Then I checked today and realized I didn’t give smartsteem auth to my acct. Once I did, the votes sold within minutes. Let’s see how it will turn out!

I don’t post much on my other acct. It was inactive for months when I tried to build up this beeyou acct. When I did use it at the start of my journey, I didn’t know anything about community so never got involved with one. Now, I use it for photography contest or other nonsense matters. No need to pull in community support there.

Not fully back yet as you can see with my late reply. I’m still on vacation. Once back, I will make time for that reviewme thing for you. I haven’t forgotten. :)


Enjoy your vacation, then.
Thanks. I might bea dolphin when it comes go SP, but in my heart I'll always be a minnow, lol

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I am very curious to see where this goes @beeyou! And a secret squirrel account you say??!! hmmm I feel like I should know what that is, but most days, I can't remember what I ate for breakfast, so I'm done thinking about...what? can't remember!

Have a great vacation!! :)


It’s not really secret @lynncoyle1. I mentioned my personal acct on older posts, just not the name. I didn’t meet everyone until this beeyou acct so no one knows me there. Except a few. It was inactive for months actually.

I have a hunch my investment return there will beat my curation efforts. Will see!

Thanks for the vacation wishes. I’m spending time with relatives and most days just hanging out with them. Still, I’m so exhausted being on full time mommy duty! Ask me at the end of a day what I did and I would prob say no idea.

Hope you are well yourself!


I have a hunch my investment return there will beat my curation efforts.

I have the same hunch if I were to do this ... my curation skills (for money) are abysmal :)

I totally remember those days!! It seems as if you're on the go from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning, but at the end of the day, it's impossible to verbalize all that you've done :)

Enjoy the rest of the holiday! And yes, I'm doing well! Thanks!

I love it when you do these experiments. They almost always seem to be on an area I have been curious about myself. I have never even used minnow booster so there is a lot left for me to learn about.
You know I will be back around to see what results you end up with.
Have a great vacation.


There is a lot to learn and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. You know where to find me! Thanks for the vacation wishes. The days fly by...

Hope you are well @headchange! I did see you creeping up Asher’s engagement league.🙂


Thanks! Worked super hard on the engagement thanks for noticing. You go have fun I will be lurking around when you get back I'm sure.

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