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Do you ever wish that you could earn STEEM by just simply sharing a post? With my ReSTEEM Reward System You Can ! by ReSTEEMING any of my posts and simply commenting that you ReSTEEMED it, YOU EARN 0.01 STEEM & 1 rRs POINT! The rRs points are earned in 3 simple ways adding up to a total of 2 rRs points per post, plus if you finish the month with the most points YOU WIN 2 STEEM

Here are the ways to earn rRs points

  1. ReSTEEM any of my post (comment on chosen post to indicate you’ve completed the ReSTEEM)
  2. Upvote on any of my post (comment on chosen post to indicate you’ve completed the upvote)
  3. Comment on the subject matter or chosen post.

Sample of a 2 rRs point performance

As you can see the user indicated that they upvoted and ReSTEEMED and commented on the subject matter of the post, totaling a 2 rRs points.

rRs Point Logs

Here’s a photo of what the logs look like, notice that the logs go until December. The reasoning for it ending in December is, THE RESTEEM REWARD SYSTEM MVP CONTEST!!! There will be a total of 10 STEEM In the prize pool, here’s the breakdown in payouts.

1st Place

Wins 5 STEEM

2nd Place

Wins 3 STEEM

3rd Place

Wins 2 STEEM

Tons of STEEM to giveaway just from a simple share, so don’t forget to ReSTEEM my post’s ! IF YOU WANT ME TO CHART A COIN PLEASE REQUEST BELOW ⤵️ For more of my thoughts on cryptocurrency please listen to my podcast below ⤵️ have a great weekend!

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Very creative, I hope it beats fruit.

Good idea to get some cheap resteem. I've been thinking about doing something to help @thedailysneak gain traction. Is this fully automated or are you pulling it together manually?

P.s. resteem and voted for rRS (:

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I manually send out the steem , I’d love to find a way to automate it. I look forward to seeing all the upvotes and Resteems


I am not familiar with @thedailysneak, but if it automates a similar process I will check it out.


It does not.


I have a question for you. I have read in a post by Dan Larrimer, one of Steemit cofounders that curation rewards can be increased both by timing and by increasing the amount you contribute to the rewards. I think this reference to “how much you contribute to the posts rewards” can mean two things:
1st the strength of your upvote in terms of Steempower and percentage of voting power used.
2nd the amount you contribute via BidBots. I think it may be mathematically possible to make your curation rewards greater by magnifying your contribution to the total rewards.
What do you think?
Thank you,


Generally speaking, at 30 minutes (15 after HF 20) you get 25% of your upvote value back as curation rewards. If there are multiple upvotes, the earlier votes take curation away from the later votes. If voting before 30 minutes moves your upvote before enough sizable votes, you can increase your curation reward, even though your contribution to the curation pool is now smaller.

Of course you can also increase your curation by having a more valuable upvote! And that's what I think he meant by 'how much you contribute to the posts rewards'.

Technically you could increase your curation by upvoting personally first, and then increasing the total rewards after your upvote by use of bid-bots. I believe that falls outside the context that @dan was discussing. To my mind, his remark was more limited to blockchain mechanics, not the meta-strategy around maximization through factors external to your own upvote.

We really do appreciate your system and contest. It gives us something to look forward to each day.
Upvoted and resteemed, of course.


Thanks ! I appreciate every single one of you guys for making the system work !

Full upvoted and resteemed


Post was not Resteemed try again !


Have resteemed just now

upvoted and resteemed

Now.. let the contest begin.. but I'm way way behind everyone

Upvoted and resteemed! I'm learning quite a bit from you and I always love a good contest. Thanks


Thank you !

Upvoted and resteemed this post

Upvoted and resteem.
Thank you for your initiative. Cheers!

Upvoted and resteem
Lets know when Btc increase

This looks like a neat idea. Upvoted and resteemed. I followed you as well. I hope you follow back. I could use some support.

This is quite interesting platform! Upvoted and Resteemed!

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