Just remember, MORE STEEM!

in steem •  5 months ago

Those vested and who have purchased their STEEM might be unhappy with a lower price. Ok that's one class of STEEMIAN.

The other class of STEEMIAN is the MAJORITY:

The myriad of minnows!

So with a lower price you might have noticed a bigger payout in STEEM. This is a great thing because with a lower price of STEEM, we are being rewarded MORE STEEM! That's right you can get that STEEM power higher! I'm enjoying the lower price because it makes me level up faster! The only "game" you can level up and get "paid"

So keep posting people! Remember, STEEM should be worth more than SBD!

Just a quick post as I'm inundated with "problems" in my personal life. Everyone is generally healthy but there are some issues with kids/CAS from an unstable ex-wife. My wife also turned off the fan for the drywall to get DRY! So that delayed the basement project by a few days. That's not such a big deal, and everything is meant to be!

But, yah I'm a little pre-occupied! At least this gives me a chance to stay active - somewhat

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stack the steem and make the scene! Thanks @bearbear613

sirbearbear you are the King of short posts but not crap posts, no one can make super short posts as funny or entertaining or like this one which is encouraging.. as you do! just stating the facts not asking for squat!
as far as staying active I think you could do this in your sleep! lol


you are going to do very well you keep grinding and sucking up like this! ;)

oh and hail to the king baby (Of shit posts)

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Ahhh probably will never see the rewards anyways!


keep grinding, eventually.. ahhh what am I saying been doing this for over a year now and I'm just annoying to most ;)