How are Americans to Use the Pushed Poloniex for Tron when we aren't allowed to use it?

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Share: Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex will ban US customers from trading on the platform from tomorrow, November 1. ... “Beginning today, US persons will no longer be able to create new accounts on Poloniex. Starting on November 1, 2019, US customers will no longer be able to execute trades on the exchange.Oct 31, 2019

Tronlink is saying some confusing things and there seems to be a lot of FUD. Poloniex is being pushed very hard very early into all of this and by its own bylaws and words Americans can't use it.


I know people are salty and some can be salty that I didn't stake as I am a "Once bitten twice shy" type and have been doing this as a hobby as I like to write and have fun. Nobody said Crypto wasn't high risk or that anybody "OWES" anyone anything. Ironically some that were bragging and being rather gnarly to others or pushing them to stake are stuck in their own making. That being said, making it hard for all of us or confusing ain't so kosher either. Op/Ed



That's a damned good question. Haven't read too much about it yet so I have to play catch up.

I'm sure there will be other exchanges but seeing that SUN controls a TON of Poloniex through his groups buyout how's that gonna work?
I saw red flags ages ago and have acted accordingly, I have 5 or 6 accts, most are at zero the rest is dust , everything is in power down personally because this is a hobby and when it's ceased to be fun through either hostility or this kind of crap i will make my own thing because all of us can.
github, good stuff

lol the only red flags are tron flags


you did that? it's slick af

perhaps justin needs to get bitch and bitch hard by americans ...... battleaxe u bitchin-good these days

personally i'm not a fan of the old poloneix i think they have integrity issues regardless of new ownership..... thinking many probably feels this way, so it could be a non issue who knows

pay me and I can build bridges but since I do this for a hobby it has to be a tremendous amount or nothing at all for my own sick and twisted amusement, JOKING Yes, the 'Old' Poloniex was awful and kept large sums of money for ages with no actual office and people that did not seem to actually have any experience or business running it. I'm bitchin' good huh? good to know I hope I make it to trending so I can get flags from all the community love that Justin just bought.
I dunno who screwed who in this supposed "deal"

I think everyone just screwed everyone.

Ex-witness trying to start a shit fight with an 800lb gorilla, top 20 witness all owned by Tron Foundation, I mean are these 2 trying to kill off any dpos decentralization? Top 3 dev and leaders from Steemit quitting and leaving, the gang of former top 20 witnesss going to fork a steem that won't be recognized or supported by exchanges.....sigh... I would pay you, but looks like Steem is going worthless.

I got all but dust out ages ago as I saw methodical "starving out" of people like myself whom I think are ethical and smart and have the backrounds and resumes to give a damn about "normies".
Karma is a bitch, all the discords I was going to were celebrating and now all the little cliques can go do their own thing. Not surprised of the quitting fast and leaving, like Ned would have structured things to care about the people who are from countries that they are relying on the lies spoon fed to them about reinvesting and staking here. mic drop

Americans can’t buy Tron direct either.

Yep, no joke!!!! and the thing is that honestly population wise America is expendable in this game and quite a few of the issues of behavior ,whining and entitilement and witness issues come from Americans , that may piss off some but I'm by far not the only one thinking that
and probably Justin Sun is smart enough to realize that as well
So beyond the fact of Data security /China etc....... and Voice being like a Gulag what I was scared would happen did ,,,, down to the day,js

I truly regret not removing delegations and powering down sooner.

If we all had met earlier and red pilled maybe different but is what it is, there are of course other exchanges but which ones???? @ackza S.O.S.

I’ll just try to get it into DEC before Sun fucks us

yeah they can lol what are you talking about
exodus has trx lol
also, u can use

also, tron poloniex isnt banned for americans . lol its .org not .com not silly

guys dont spread fud lol

steemit needed a smart contract platform AND a great marketing team, relax and let it happen, steem was the submissive one in this relationship lol, we got bought we received we werent the ones giving lol, ned was catching not pitching

also u can send ur DEC dark energy crystals to tron sell for TRX or USDT

u can also sell STEEMp for EOS on and then, buy USDT, convert to TRX USDT and sell for TRXon

I'll write whatever I want, HE HAS DONE NO EDUCATION to any STeemians of what is or is not working.
People have a ton of questions and Justin himselfs goob said repeatedly POLONIEX , over and over and deleted it.
It's not FUD it's logic and a takeover with no instruction guide is bullshit. :) my blog

but thanks for info on whoever wants to trust these guys and such
I retired outta here and have dust left and moved on, I'm on because of the Networking that's paid off.
the rest is some sort of Scientology level cult or something O.o

Ive had about 4500 DEC stuck in Tron with no option to convert since August when it was actually worth something.

And now I can't transfer DEC from my ETH wallet either. I have enough gas... shit isn't right lately.

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