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From 8 days ago on friendsofgondor post I left the following:

And now we wait on the fallout of the economic sanctions the witnesses have begun. Steem is going to be pretty interesting over the course of this coming year. Bow shots have been fired, from both side, will the whales breech the surface, will the whale hunter win, will his ship be capsized, I look forward to the coming WWCF (world wide crypto fights) season one Justin standing in the Tron corner, and the witnesses in the steem corner. Ninja Mind vis-a-vis Ninja Miner

Round one it seems goes to Justin Sun and Tron.


Hey, @bashadow.

Yes it does, and unless I'm completely missing the boat (which I have before and would rather I am here), the witnesses don't have any other surprises. I don't count somehow forking the chain as unexpected. That seems to be the one and only option I've seen brought up so far, however that can happen.

Although, if anyone were paying attention, they telegraphed their soft fork punch last year when someone started putting up "dummy" code on Github and "some" of the witnesses and others "wargamed" the "potential" of doing such a thing, should the need arise.

So, I don't know. We've got the land barons (witnesses and their big stake backers) versus the conquering emperor. I like your analogy better, actually. I've just been thinking in terms of history. :)

The reality for me right now is the question does it really matter who controls the witness, 1 person or 3. It was pointed out to me that it does matter, I disagreed, but that was then. Today does it matter who controls the witnesses? We knew what Sun's response would be, or I should say I had a good feeling of what his response would be, I was told it was impossible for one person to control the witnesses, I guess it wasn't impossible. I still hope that after this all washes out that the 15SP down vote army that is being supported by @steem will have their delegated steem taken away.

Who knows maybe it will lead to the witness vote selection process being fixed, and the down vote problems being fixed, but I know the reality is that none of it will be fixed fixed very quickly, and that next year I will still likely be here, occasionally voicing my displeasure at some of the choices, and still complaining about the down vote bot army, and the witness selection process.

At the end of the day here I still think of steem block chain as a social place, I am sure in six months or a year I will still be here. I will just have a hard time adjusting to a new name if they change it from steem to something stupid like tromit or stronit or something equally odd.


I like SteemiTron myself. :)

It doesn't really matter if it's one or three. Those three could be one for all we know. Freedom has been suspected to be everything from Dan or Ned to a ninja miner, an angel investor, etc. Being able to vote for yourself as a witness is kind of odd, too.

It's funny how people can look at it as us versus them (when they do it, it's bad, when we do it or someone we like does it, it's okay), and yet it's essentially the same thing.

I don't know where I'll be in six months. I've been contemplating since this happened this morning life after STEEM, and I don't think I want it.

I've never blogged so consistently for so long, ever, nor have I gained even remotely close to the amount I've received through rewards. Doesn't amount to much, given the time and effort, but still, it blows away anything else I tried to accomplish.

The social aspect would be missed, too, to a degree. I'm just not so social, on or off STEEM. I mean, I try to engage and interact, but I could go for a while without doing it, too, and be okay.

What I would mostly miss is the creative outlet, and the promise STEEM provides, whether reality is still afar off or not. The light at the end of the tunnel, even a pinprick, is better than total and utter darkness. :)


I look back at the other two Hard Forks, the EIP and then the Resource Credit one. Neither lived up to expectations of most people, the users just got use to it. The normalization of down votes succeeded, and the RC fork that promised everyone they could create accounts for free meant you were not part of everyone if you had less than 5000SP at the time.

The users, the bloggers, the content creators really have no say in the operation of steemit, never have, and likely never will even more so since it is in the hands of Sun now.

The investors have very little control over the direction of the social side. The programmers, the dreamers, the outsiders, they see the social side, they see the investor concerns, and they sometimes have good ideas, they are the entrepreneurs.

Steempeak stands head and shoulders above steemit in...well...everything. SteemMonsters, uses the block chain and is pushing the block chain tech to limits, like old school game developers used to push the technology of the day to make their game stand out above the rest.

There is going to be a shake up, people will leave, people will come, and things will pretty much stay status quo. At least that is partly how I see it, so I am sure I will still see you around in six months, as I will see others still in six months, and I'll still be out voicing my thoughts and opinions on peoples works and post. I still plan on having those 20000 comments by the end of the year.

I may just have to stick around to see you get to those 20,000 comments. :)

re: HF 20 & 21

Unfortunately, I think the RCs were necessary, along with all the other cost shifting and cost saving that was done. That meant it was very difficult for the majority of us for a while, and virtually impossible for all of the plankton and quite a few of the minnows from that point forward

But, there are plenty of people here who don't think STEEM should be for the masses, anyway. At least, not unless the masses are willing to stake. From a business standpoint, that makes a lot more sense than it does from a "the people's blockchain" standpoint.

As far as the EIP goes, I have to say, I've been a beneficiary of it. And with communities, that benefit has amplified in the few times I've been able to use it so far.

So, I don't know. I decided early on that I wasn't going to get anywhere nearly as fast or as much as I wanted to unless I did put some money in. I know not everyone can do that. I probably shouldn't have from a purely financial standpoint, either. But it was a short term pain for a long term potential gain.

A risk. And now we all get to see what's going to happen to that risk.

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