$SBD Update: Now Trading ~7X / ~$7.07 Avg. RIGHT NOW! | Steemit 101- Charts, Basics for New People. | ** If You Have SBD to Trade/Sell -- NOW is Still a Good Time, Trading Currently Around ~$7 to $10 - Since the Price Spike!

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Traded again today at a high over $9!!! ( visually, the highs/stability still at Bittrex again)

On a couple exchanges, it traded / is trading very very high but check the info here / yourself, they are not all mooning like that!!!

It hit anywhere again all week and today from $8-11 a lot on some exchanges!!


They are still trading in the upper limit range for the last while, meaning you can get more money right now, than the $1 USD pegged to it -- that normally it stays around.

Right now it is like getting nearly 7-10x for your money!!!!!

Current Value:

We can always share info that helps each other like this.

Together we can all achieve more. Simple really.


Always Check 2-3 Exchanges First Before Executing Trades!!

If one exchange is higher than others, or one exchange has a particular wallet locked down or "In Maintenance Mode" --- you will lose your trading window and perhaps your funds!
Also - give the @blocktrades accounts/system here a look - they are big participants in the Steemit and Bitshares systems!

Current SBD Chart Values / Snapshot:

7 Day SBD Chart / CMC.com:


Last 24 Hours:


Markets Currently Valued: (See where the highest rate for you would be)


Bittrex/Poloniex/HITBTC/OpenLedger are the highest trading value right now, followed by the others. The OpenLedger stuff does not have much volume, so they are an outlier of sorts.

@blocktrades is up there too, if you do a price check quickly on their exchange.

Always watch out for exchanges, including Poloniex and Bittrex -- see my other points above about wallets/exchanges being 'down or down for maintenance' ! - Their exchanges regularly go "down" or lock you out!!!

Friend of the People -- Enemy of the State.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

HODL Img. sourced from the LEGENDARY thread where the term HODL was first..... coined - LOL. - BitcoinTalk.org


If you are new to Crypto or do not know the story -- Please open that link in a new tab, take a couple mins. and read the funny thread/story, you need to know your Crypto history folks!


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I checked coinmarketcap to see what the current price was, figuring there would be some lag from when you posted, or who knows what.

You hit it right on the head. No fake news here.

Laughed really hard at your Bitcoin memes last night. You're pro af.



I will say that roughly once a day for about a full month now, if you can catch the once a day SBD pump in the market (just a rough trend I have noticed watching things) -- it is a good thing.

It really does go up and down like a yo-yo --- all of crypto.

I have charted stuff for posts and had to adjust things3x/ half hour drafting a post, things move so much.

Am a beginner here.Thanks for the post it will be helpful for all.


Newer people like you are the main reason I do half my posts, knowing you need help and so many new people coming daily.

Thanks man

Would moving SBD to Steem through the currency market still taking advantage of the pump in SBD? I do not feel like the ROI on SBD to bitcoin would be as good if I held Steem. Thanks.


You will probably get a better rate by exchanging SBD for Steem on the internal market.


Yes it would, the reply by @rockjon is correct.

You can move it another exchange and get your money out there into another crypto if you wish

and you can also use @blocktrades to trade for a few things inside Bitshares, some top level coins or grab some delegated SP from them for 30/60 days.


greetings leaving my vote up here, I hope in my blog thank yougiphy.gif

Great set of info here. Resteeming for the n00bs or anyone Who needs the info ;)


Chelsea I hope you have a great year my friend.


Thanks you too bud 😊

Hi Barry, I'm a Realtor in Phoenix! Nice to meet and you and thanks for the great info. I always open for Buyer/Seller Referrals ! Lets do a deal :)