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RE: Introducing Open Cost Ledger - Optimization of Vote Purchases

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Could you explain how 0.005 became 3.816 ????

Added Open Costs: 0.002 +0.001+0.001=0.004
Cleared Open Costs: 0.551 + 3.265 = 3.816

Could you explain where the funds go from each transaction ?


Hey @barbadosso,

the 3.816 SBD Open Costs that got cleared, as seen in your screenshot, were accumulated over the last months.

We just recently added transactions-entries, which you're now seeing for 0.002 +0.001+0.001.

Also, please keep in mind that you profited from more votes than you paid for (as the rest cost were paid by us) for months, as we weren't aware of the occurrences at that time.

We are doing our best to offer you a transparent & effective service and are always looking to improve (i.e. the open-cost entries in your history).

All the best,

The law does not have retroactive effect, doesn't it? Why customers must pay for your mistakes? From where I know that what exactly is this amount, maybe the amount was not 3.816 SBD but 0.005 or -53.008???? And did you return all Cleared Costs to vote-sellers?

And you did not answer for second question. So i am waiting for that

Hey @barbadosso,

we can understand that this post might be a bit overwhelming. And we also see the point you're making about the retroactive effect.

However, we didn't make any mistake per-se. For months, you and other vote-buyers have been receiving part of your votes for free. The open costs have been paid by us - as votesellers of course were credited for the whole voted amount. (as explained in the post above)

And few months ago, after we realised about the occurrences, they were added after every vote-purchase to your open costs ledger.

We do understand that missing histories is a reason for scepticism, but please be reminded that we guaranteed, in your case, over 380 unique vote-purchases with our positive ROI (at the time of purchase).

Regarding your second question: the funds are always added to the votesellers balance on

Last but not least, we've worked hard on creating a post which should answer all questions. If there are still questions open from your side, then please read the post again.

All the best,

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