Fish is lost

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Fish is nicknamed or familiar with the name of the sea cat fish like swimming swarm in large numbers. This fish can be aggressive and pinched using the fins found on the back, the right and left of the sharp head.Patilnya poisoned.

If scratched and stabbed patilnya, will cause tremendous pain, heart palpitations and the body becomes fever. But only lasts for 24 hours, then the poison will disappear. But toxins are very dangerous.

Nutritional Content of Fish Sembilang (Sea Catfish)

This hard-to-reach fish is pretty much worthwhile as well. One of them is that he is rich in:

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
While low carbohydrate and fat nutrition is perfect for you in the diet program. However I recommend not to consume fish to be nasty in a state of pregnancy. According to the scattered myth, eating these fish when the condition of pregnancy can eliminate the baby.

But the real reason is that fish are categorized as native fish. Sehigga many merkurinya content. According to research, pregnant women are prohibited from eating foods containing many mercury. This is because it affects the growth of the fetus.