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RE: Steemit Update [ June 20th, 2022 ] : Community Curators for July - Applications Open

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Hello everybody!

I'm @bangmimi
From : Indonesia
Age : 27 Years old
Fashion : Promoter
Club status : #Club5050
My Discord: bangmimi #5595
My telegram : @Steem_On

I'm ready for Community Curators - July

Do your best, make Steem great again - Steem On!


Can you Join me?

Okay if you're looking to make friends for Tim, but I'm still at #Club5050. Is that okay?

If possible, well I will come with you and the rest of the friends

Join in discord...

Oke sir

My Discord: Bangmimi #5595

Why you are calling me sir... Call me brother... 🤝🇧🇩

I can't find you in discord.. join here...

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