[ENG] Reaching 1,000 SP. What does it really mean? 🤔🤔

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Ciao 👋

Right or Left?
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I finally managed to get to 1,000 SP and I am extremely happy about it! What does it mean to me (and for the Steemit ecosystem?)
Given the Steemit's users classification, under 10MV you are still a Minnow; to road to become a Dolphin is still really long. Having a look at SteemWhales you can see how the sum of Steem held by Minnow and Dolphin is approximately 5% of circulating Steem. Long story short, a really small group of individuals held a lot; isn't this anyhow what happens in real life?
As the Italian economist Pareto used to say:

The majority of effects is due to a limited amount of causes.

This sentence translate to the homonym princple, or the 80/20 Law. The 20% richer part of a population holds the 80% of the total wealth, just a like a single whale upvote means a lot more than a moltitude of users' upvotes.
I truly believe in this platform and with the implementation and further adoption of SMT I firmly think that Steem as a crypto will gain back is strenght. At the same time, the route to grow is extremely hard.

What I consider a good solution to help people at least reach the dolphin status is to double the curation for users under 4999SP. This will benefit also the holding system of SP, for a longer period of time.
What do you think of this? Is the growth towards the Dolphin status insanely hard?
Could this be a solution?

@ethandsmith @kevinwong @etherpunk feel free to comment on this idea or share your point of view on how users can grow without massive investements

I end the post with this table with the classification of user on Steemit and the approximate rate of Steem to VEST.

LevelVests in MilionsSTEEM
Orca10049 999
Whale1,000499 999





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Congrats on reaching 1000 SP. From the information I have seen, you are definitely in the top 20% even though it may not feel like it.

The road is challenging. What I have found in life is that not many places worth visiting have an easy road.

I hope you will keep pressing forward. And may we all come up with new ideas to grow our community and reward those who work hard to make our community great.


Thanks for stopping by and your motivation @sumatranate!

Ciao Luca! Complimenti per i 1000 sp ^^
Spero di riuscire nuovamente a postare spesso che così ti raggiungo :P


Bentornato @mirkon86!

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Congratulations, thats a great achevement keep steeming on and climbing I to believe in the platform and see it growing if not in the near future but in the long run


Thanks for your support @tattoodjay, seeing your photo is always a plus of the day!

Very cool, I am about to hit 500SP excluding any delegations which is super exciting and a good milestone, it does make me sad that even with that my vote is worth about 0.03STU but keep hopeful for the better times.


The moment is not the best for crypto in general, but hey, autumn and winter are close @insideoutlet!


@bafi There is always an up after a down, I still have hope :D

Congratulations on reaching 1000 SP! That is a really big accomplishment! Yes it is a long road to reaching dolphin and sometimes when I think about it it seems it will be years till I reach it. But what helps me is the fact that I’m having fun along the journey. Although blogging and vlogging takes a lot of time and work I enjoy doing it. I don’t have any ideas for solutions right now but I hope you continue to stick with it. Maybe in the future someone will come up with a genius idea to help us reach our goals a lot sooner :)


It's extremely hard to properly grow on Steemit, you are absolutely right @crosheille! Thanks for stopping by ✌️


Yes it really is.

It was a pleasure reading :)

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