Drone Shot: time for a professional logo! 🚀📷🛩

in steem •  3 months ago 

Ciao 👋 everyone!

All photos are property of mine!

A big thank you to @zoras who designed those beautiful and professional images for the project.

Drone Shot.png

Main Drone Shot Logo

As you might have read from the last Drone Shot post, this is going big. Reuniting and consolidating a community of drones pilots on Steem and content creators will make the platform shine. I firmly believe that using Steem as the main outlet for aerial footage and drone's contents will bring benefits both to the creators and the public.

That's why I invested in a professional logo for this project. What do you think of it?

There will be an update of the forum graphics too, with a vectorial designed horizontal logo, as showed below.
Drone Shot name_b.png

If you read this post, feel free to help this project become real.
This is the time I need community help. I'm powering up all the way up to 10K SP. Upon reaching that, I'll try to accumulate as much liquids as possible towards drones equipment, which is indeed expensive. If you have spare SP and/or you want to help this become real, please consider a delegation to @bafi or other form of support.

Thanks @buildteam for @tokenbb, a great solution to create a forum with the rewards of the steem blockchain




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Wanted a drone for so long. Hopefully this time next year I'll own one.

Thanks so much, hope to have you onboard soon @rishi556

With the help of the latest technology, the world does not stand still. A very realistic logo has been obtained. Beautiful

Thanks @magnata, glad that you like it!

Hi, @bafi!

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