Aerial-Italy evolving. DroneShot is here! #1 decentralized forum community 🛩🕹📷

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Ciao 👋 everyone!

All photos are property of mine, shot by Canon EOS 1100D.



55mm - EOS 1100D

Aerial-Italy e DroneShot! Molti di voi sapranno (e tanti altri no) che alcuni mesi fa ho lanciato questo progetto, Aerial-Italy, con lo scopo di raccogliere le meraviglie italiane riguardanti piccoli paesi, panorami e borghi medievali. In questo periodo si sono susseguite recensioni di droni e riprese magnifiche, come quelle fatte da @thenightflier con il DJi Mavic Pro. La forza di una social blockchain consente di creare contenuti di qualità avendo un recupero delle spese per le attrezzature migliori. Ecco perché nasce:

Drone Shot

Ho avuto modo di interfacciarmi con tantissimi creatori di contenuti su steem che usano droni o effettuano riprese dall'alto. Drone Shot è il primo forum decentralizzato sui droni, dove potere discutere di caratteristiche tecniche, di montaggio e molto altro. Diventerà soprattutto una community, con un hashtag per Steemit e @dtube per i contenuti creati con i droni, #droneshot.

Cosa ne pensate dell'idea del forum? Cos'altro vorreste vedere in una community appassionata di droni?
Fatemi sapere nei commenti, è molto importante!
Condividete ed upvotate il post così da raggiungere il maggior numero di persone possibile.
A presto, questa estate avrà molte novità! ✌️

PS sono @bafi#8941 su Discord in caso voleste contattarmi.

Aerial-Italy and DroneShot! Many of you know (and many others don't) that I launched Aerial-Italy some months ago, with the aim of collect Italian wonders through little cities, beautiful sceneries and historical medieval town. In this time frame there have been drones reviews and great footages, such the one made by @thenightflier with the DJi Mavic Pro. The power of a social blockchain makes it possibile to create quality contents, while recovering some of the expenses of getting the best equipment. This is way a new forum is coming:

Drone Shot

I'd the pleasure of reach out various authors that use drone and shoot content from the sky. Drone Shot is the first decentralized forum about drones, where you can discuss technical specs, editing programs and much more. Most of all, it will become a community, with an hashtag for Steemit and @dtube to gather the contents created with drones, #droneshot.

What do you think of the forum idea? What do you want to see more in a passionate drone community?
Let me know in the comments below, is really important!
Please share and upvte the post to make it possible to reach the widest audience.
Talk to you soon, this summer will bring lot of news! ✌️

PS I'm @bafi#8941 on Discord too if you want to reach me out there


Aerial-Italy - Circle Logo

55mm - EOS 1100D

If you read this post, feel free to help this project become real.
This is the time I need community help. I'm powering up all the way up to 10K SP. Upon reaching that, I'll try to accumulate as much liquids as possible towards drones equipment, which is indeed expensive. If you have spare SP and/or you want to help this become real, please consider a delegation to @bafi or other form of support.

Thanks @buildteam for @tokenbb, a great solution to create a forum with the rewards of the steem blockchain




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Great job @bafi! I hope to publish some "aerial content" soon!

Thanks for the support @thenightflier!

Interessante questo progetto. Io che uso un drone racing potrei usufruirne 👍🏻

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Great idea creating a forum around this project! Should be a nice way to facilitate discussion for drone enthusiasts, hope it works out well.

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Thanks so much @cryptomancer and for the support too, it will be vital to keep gathering some more!
I'm sure it can turn out big

It seems to be a great idea also because some small towns in Italy became abandoned, and they required to revive them. I do not know even how to use a drone. But If I can express one opinion it would be great to make a network with local people of some towns also where some buildings were converted into a hotel (Albergo diffuso) Just the first thing came on my mind, at the moment nothing else is coming up on my mind to support your project.

@philfreetotravel thanks for stopping by and reading about the project. I'm glad you found this interesting, the idea of bringing people back to the small town is surely something to think about for the development!

I am glad we have the same idea about that.

This is amazing stuff I'm seeing! As much as I have some mixed opinions about the use of drones, this is one of those instances where this is delivering some of the coolest content around. Makes me want to travel to Italy and take some shots with a drone myself!

Thanks so much @disizsarg3! Your comment has been extremely positive and I'm really happy for that.
I hope I'll manage to bring this project alive on steemit with the help of the community

Nice idea and style of photography. If you can make photos of famous Italian stadiums it could bring a lot of attention cause there are not lots of them

Thanks so much @anforo!
Glad that you found out about the project and thanks for the suggestion

This might interest you guys:

If you know any other drone content creators, feel free to tag them ✌️

Sweet! Have you heard from #theflyingphotographer ?

I'm starting with drone photography, is really nice to find other steemians that like it too.

Greetings from Argentina!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Hey there! No I didn't, is that a profile or an hashtag? Glad to have you here! The forum is already up and running, cheers from Italy @hijosdelhombre!

I think a forum is a great idea to keep content collated in an easy to find place and to reward niche community participants. Definitely, the way to go for evergreen discovery.

Thanks for your support @thecryptodrive. I'm enthusiast about how this will turn out, will make custom graphics too!

Nice one @bafi! I'm into this idea and do lots of images, videos and models. So is this an online thing now?

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Hey @dronegraphica! thanks so much!
The forum is already online and accessible, I've yet to open all categories. Each upvote there gives 100% SP and when you comment is like commenting on steem. All this is possible thanks to @tokenbb!
If you know other drone pilots, please point them here, I've big plans for this!

Green beauty.. Unique and exceptional. The shot is professional. Bella Italia

Thanks @ezedende!

I’ll give you some votes and do my part to help. I really love Italy and some of the cities out there must be stunning from the skies

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Thanks for your support @travelersmemoire!

¡excelente trabajo!

Thanks @leivavic and welcome to steemit! You can use #droneshot for post about drones

thanks for your attention @bafi

Very well thought out article and good advise. Question am I the only one who see that the images in all articles don't show up?

Images look fine to users, maybe check conn? Thanks for the support @aestheticsplus

This idea is very intresting, i am curious to see all these amazing pictures. I am italian and I live in the south (Sorrento) i also had a drone, but I sold it few years ago for another project but I am going to buy another one in the future. It would be nice to share some of my pictures of this beautiful Amalfi Coast. P.S. I am going to follow you and upvote this post. Thanks!

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Thanks for your support @redthunder90!
We would love to have you in the community

Nice post @bafi

bel lavoro @bafi fai bene, porta al mondo le bellezze italiane. Abbiamo tanto da farci invidiare ( lo dico da italiano)

Grazie @evilangel90! Ti sconsiglio di upvotarti i commenti qui su steemit, non è una buona abitudine

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thank you very much for this favour. i am proud of you.

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te quedo muy bien el post

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That some amazing photography. Youve been resteemed!!

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