How To Earn More Steem Than You Should Be Earning!

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Using our service you can nearly DOUBLE your ROI FOR FREE by posting great content on the Steem blockchain daily! This is not a bidbot, there is no delegating, and you don't have to buy anything! All you need is STEEM POWER! Read this post to learn about how our bot works and how you can get HUGE FREE upvotes for being a STEEM POWER HODLER.

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How It Works

Users will follow our curation trail on @SteemAuto and they will be added to our fanbase on Steemauto in return. By adding them to our Fanbase, they will get upvoted automatically once a day. We are starting with a minimum of 500 SP to get curated (subject to change if voting power and RC's become too low). 500 to 999 SP will get a 1% upvote once a day from everyone following the trail. 1000 SP to 4999 SP will get you a 5% upvote, 5000 SP to 9999 SP will get you a 10% upvote, 10,000 SP to 19,999 SP will get a 20% upvote from everyone and 20,000 SP to 29,999 SP will get a 30% upvote from every one, and so on. We've set some limits because Voting Power is a limited resource so if we set the bar for entry too low, Our 1% upvotes could drain our resources. So we've set it at a number of steem power that is achievable at these price levels and one of our main goals is to encourage the purchase of Steem and Steem Power. We've made a chart of ROI per SP by extrapolating from our calculation of 1000 SP at 42% ROI. Assuming that votes scale uniformly both up and down the line than 1000 SP is definitely the sweet spot for ROI. Here are the results! (SP-ROI): 500-16.8%, 1000-42%, 5000-16.8%, 10,000-16.8%, 20,000-12.6%, 30,000-11.2%, 40,000-10.5%, 50,000-10.08%, 60,000-9.8%, 70,000-9.6%, 80,000-9.45%, 90,000-9.33%. The average rate of ROI on steem is 24% annually which is already GREAT! But being that our service is FREE to use and all that is required is steem power to join (And posting good content) you are getting EXTRA ROI (9.33% to 42%) on top of the already 24% per year from simply staking

How To Join

ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!!! We have a strict NO SPAM policy. We are not strict on content or here to judge if someones post is great. But we will remove any blatant spam from our trail. We recommend linking your social media accounts to your Steem so that your social posts go straight to Steem to get upvoted using

Here are the steps:

  1. Sign Up for
  2. After you have successfully linked your Steem account to Steemauto, click "Curation Trail" and search for "backscratcher" and Follow our Trail.
  3. Click Setting and set voting weight to "100 scaled" and set any time. (THIS IS A MUST)
  4. Go to back to dashboard on Steemauto and set voting limit to 85% (This will keep your voting power from draining)
  5. Once you have followed the trail, let us know here by giving us your account name:
  6. After we confirm you that you are indeed following the trail, one of our moderators will follow you and you will start receiving upvotes from all members!


500-999 SP gets you a 1% upvote once every 24 hours
1,000-4,999 gets you a 5% upvote once every 24 hours
5,000-9,999 gets you a 10% upvote once every 24 hours
10,000-19,999 gets you a 20% upvote once every 24 hours.
20,000-29,999 gets you a 30% upvote once every 24 hours
30,000-39,999 gets you a 40% upvote once every 24 hours
40,000-49,999 gets you a 50% upvote once every 24 hours
50,000-59,999 gets you a 60% upvote once every 24 hours
60,000-69,999 gets you a 70% upvote once every 24 hours
70,000-79,999 gets you a 80% upvote once every 24 hours
80,000-89,999 gets you a 90% upvote once every 24 hours
90,000 and higher gets you a 100% upvote!

You can check how much Steem Power is following the trail and how many members are following it here:

You can also visit and simulate how much your upvote would get you by clicking "Simulate SP"
Screen Shot 20190720 at 11.14.16 AM.png
And then using the slider to see how much a trail upvote would get you
Screen Shot 20190720 at 11.14.59 AM.png


+Your voting power(mana) must stay above 85%. If it drops below 85% for too long You will get removed from the trail
+You get 1 upvote a day. You are welcome to post as much as you want but the trail will only upvote you once per 24 hours. (resets at 8pm EST)
+If we check that your account is not auto-upvoting the trail or your voting power drops too low you will be removed.
+You can check trail stats here:
+Rules and requirements are subject to change for the benefit of all stake holders on the trail


Q: Is Delegated Steem Power Allowed?
A: Yes, You can have delegated steem power or have steem power delegated out and still receive upvotes. As long as your active steem power meets the requirments, you can still get upvoted.

Q:How much Voting Power does the trail use per day?
A: As of this post, if a user ONLY upvotes the trail and doesn't do any other voting, he can expect to stay above 94% Voting Mana

Q: I posted once today and didn't get upvoted. Why?
A: It could be your timing. Steemauto resets at 8PM EST so if you posted at the wrong time it could count twice for 1 day. Also, Steemauto has about a 98% success rate. Meaning it couldve just been bad luck.

Q: I don't have the minimum SP required to get upvoted. Can I still follow the trail?
A: Yes! You are welcome to follow and curate automatically as this is great for extra curation rewards.


Just joined the trail.

I have 1,000 SP

@backscratcher have setup and followed you, let me know if you need anything else, also sent message in telgram, also my sp currently is below the 70% but will stop voting to increase it, hope that is ok.

this is just brilliant! thanks for setting this up. Already followed the trails

Hello @backscratcher !

I just joined the trail :)
I'm having 1000 Active SPs as well :)
Please add me to the fanbase

I just signed up to the curation trail

Hi @backscratcher
Can you add me to the trail? I have set up my Steemauto account, please check it.
Current SteemPower 506 STEEM

@backscratcher You have received a 100% upvote from @botreporter because this post did not use any bidbots and you have not used bidbots in the last 30 days!

Upvoting this comment will help keep this service running.

Your vote isn't even worth anything 🤣

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Congratulations @backscratcher! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You distributed more than 14000 upvotes. Your next target is to reach 15000 upvotes.

You can view your badges on your Steem Board and compare to others on the Steem Ranking
If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Mr. @backscratcher, I didn't receive your votes today. Why?

Posted using Partiko Android

Hi @backscratcher,
I have completed all the task at Steemauto.
Please check and include my username @fiicjames.
My current Steem Power is over 1000 SP.

Hey guys. I suddenly have stopped receiving votes for the last two days. Can you look into this?
Thank you,

Your VP is too low. Please allow it to recharge above 90% so you have enough of a buffer and you will be added back. Also, please message us on our Telegram channel when you are recharged:

Hey!!! :)

Thank you guys for getting back to me. I really love what you guys have created here. Yeah, sorry about that. Kind of feel like I shot myself in the foot, but really appreciate you guys explaining it and being so cool.

95% of my upvoting is done through my auto voter and I suppose that got away from me. I'll go in there and adjust it today and make sure I have a nice buffer so it won't happen again. Hate to be a drag on this awesome system you guys created (embarrassing to be honest) I'll be a much better "backscratcher" going forward.

On another note, congratulations on the success of your system. Now over 1,000,000 SP. WOW! Really impressed, and thoroughly want to stay apart of it.

Sorry about the communication, I tried to get telegram yesterday, but with my travel lifestyle I don't have a phone number to use to sign up, but I have a friend who will help me out next week.

Also I have several decent sized steem power friends that I'm encouraging to join, I think they will do so soon.

Thanks again for all you do, and replying to me here. I'll message you later once I have my voting re-organized.

I would try this, but I do not have and cannot get telegram.

Hi Sharon! This is a great group. I highly recommend joining. I too can't get telegram. I don't have a phone number. I just use whatsapp. Wish I could get ahold of these guys and learn why I'm not receiving up-votes anymore. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of keeping my SP over 85%. I'm missing that daily wave of upvotes. Was really nice to see them come in. But I recommend joining for sure.

@backscratcher if you'd like to communicate with me privately my email is [email protected]

Hello @backscratcher i have setup my account @moeenali and i have 1900 Active sp please add me to the list thank you

I just joined the trail. Waiting for your reply

Posted using Partiko Android
Joined the trail. Powered up. Thanks for adding me in advance.

@backscratcher . You removed me from trail after I told you I voted and went below 85%. This was an accident because of showing my mana higher. I didnt know how I to get my power above 90% if the trail was still taking my votes so I unfollowed the trail for a few hours and now am above 90%. I went to tell you in telegram but I was removed from the group. I really don't understand why. I have been a good member of the trail since the 2nd day of it's existence. I have promoted it heavily, brought other people to the trail and I always support tre and his channels. Please add me back.

I just followed your trail on steemauto.. verification Proof.

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