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RE: Reminder: Steem absolutely and completely violates GDPR and European privacy laws

in #steem6 years ago

Why doesn't steem respect your right to privacy? Steem doesn't force anyone to disclose anything and makes no reservations about "safeguarding" what you post. A right to privacy would be if they extended certain controls that would limit what people can see from your posting. Remember Steem was never meant to be a Status Update Facebook Killer, it was and still is a Transparent, Censorship Proof, Public Forum, much more resembling all other internet forums minus their built in chat and messaging systems.

If you want to store private data on a PUBLIC place you better encode it.


I've never understood this type of behaviour. You took the time to read this authors post, took the time to comment on it and might want to spark a discussion, but you couldnt be decent enough to give even a 1% upvote. this is a problem, one that has been growing for a while. Even if you disagree with someones opinion doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a little credit and appreciate their effort.

Maybe you out to consider my observation as quite valuable indeed, instead of trying to shame me for not upvoting an inconsiderate and idiotic post: Privacy on a Public Forum, and that's if my VP wasn't already depleted!

Chill the fuck out bro. My voting power is depleted, and I have no business voting for this nonsense of Privacy in a Public Place.

You couldn't be decent enough to take my valuable comment as good enough for the post and decided you had to repeat what I said instead of expounding on it or at least saying you agree? Fuck me, now I have to show appreciation for all the fucking idiots, morons, imbeciles and other fools for their "effort" regardless of how imbecilic it might be, they Tried, everyone gets a fucking sticker.

You know what the fucking problem is? People who fucking jump on shit before even a cursory investigation on a half-cocked assumption that you fucking know me or I owe you shit, which is exactly the same idiotic nonsense that this post is linch-pinned on: A public Forum doesn't offer you Privacy. You might as well buy a McLaren F1 and complain about the trunk space and the lack of cupholders.

Besides having a big mouth and having no appreciation for those with differing opinions than yours, you could use a little work on your people skills. Maybe that's why your posts get no views, comments and worth less than a dollar, but what do I know, I'm just here for a sticker.
If you don't have anything constructive to say, you're not interesting in giving the OP an upvote and you spout off when people don't agree with you, then why don't you just fuck off and not bother commenting in the first place?

So when I commented to this post, it wasn't constructive, yet when you jump down my throat for supporting idiocy with my vote that was constructive? What the fuck did your comment want to accomplish besides shaming me for not supporting my adversary, or Idiocy itself? Did you make a constructive remark when you copied what I said, was that something other than pure noise?

I should shut up because I have no nice word for Idiocy itself and the infuriating nonsense that it espouses, tell me are you mad that I called your shit out, or are you mad that I called the other idiot out? Why did you bother to comment in the very first place if all you had to do is RAG on how I didn't upvote a post, as if my comment offered ZILCH value to the post (engagement and traction in the post lists doesn't count as much as a bullshit EMPTY gesture though, fucking idiot). Tell me I am curious but I have a nagging suspicion by the absence of any response to the same inquiry before that you won't say shit and think that I give a fuck about your life lessons on people skills because my posts don't make a dollar. Woop-de-Woop, blow it out your ass.

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