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It happened. Steem experiences a clash, community and investors rub up against each other. Witness voting is supported by various community members to prevent the DPOS mechanism from being taken over.

People are powering up. Steem is transferred from Exchanges to Steem addresses.

Now imagine: You are stupid and have a part of your crypto-currency that you regularly trade on an exchange. Now you want to contribute your small part, actually informed about the facts and current events, and take your BTC and change it to Steem. You're stupid again and do this on one of the involved Exchanges, which - oh wonder - can't show any liquidity because they misused customer funds to support a takeover of a DPOS mechanism.

At this point you know: you fucked up. You can now undo the trade, transfer your assets to another exchange that was not involved, re-execute the trade there, and finally transfer the steems. The tuition fees are on the house, yours, of course.

Or what else? You write to support and see what they say when an unsuspecting customer asks about the lack of withdraw options.

And the answer: LOL!

"Please be informed that the Steem Wallet is currently under maintenance. Deposit and Withdrawal are suspended for now. [Short interpolation: Desposits are not deactivated. Statement is simply wrong] Unfortunately, we cannot tell you how long the maintenance will be in effect.

The answer is summarized and does not correspond to the identical wording.

Well, I knew I'd get an answer like that. But I wanted to know what reason they would give me if I asked for it again and again.

The answer: Please shut up!

"The internal maintenance is carried out to keep the wallet and system running efficiently."

Why am I writing this? Two reasons. One is to say, don't be stupid. On the other hand to be my outrage at the action of the exchanges in this farce. I have limited understanding of the other parties involved. Both the "investor side" and the "community side". However, I cannot understand the position of the Exchanges at all.

So this is supposed to be the new opportunity of the "decentralized world"? Come on, come on, come on.

Let's see if the answers change if you keep digging hard enough.