Steem 'Dips' Again, Like the Winter Temperature - Fear Not my Friends...

in steem •  3 months ago

Okay, I know...for those of you who are in the 'cold' winter areas of the planet, unless you're a 'Snowman' you might be a wee bit disheartened; especially since the price of Steem has also dipped down.

Fear not friends; Spring is only about 7 weeks away and with the rise in temperature, we may very well see a rise in the price of Steem too. It was at .40 cents about a week ago, but unfortunately didn't hold; dropping to .26 cents today.

But, hey...the temperature here a week ago was 40 degrees and now it's 26... All things fluctuate; don't they?

If the price of Steem is following my temperature patterns here, it would be wise to 'buy' because the temperature expectation has been set to 50 'ish' perhaps 'near 60' within a few days. At this rate, we can all double our money by buying 'now'...No?

Okay, maybe those weather people on the News Shows aren't very reliable, but neither has been those 'Market' experts with their predictions...We may as well pick our 'own' way of decision making when it comes to both. Me...??? I'll go with the temperature fluctuations...Buy 'low' ... Sell 'high' ;~)


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