Adventures in Pet Sitting - Ask Aunt Deb / Steem Reward Contest

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I've launched a weekly feature called Ask Aunt Deb.
It's a space to discuss pet related questions.

There are lots of topics to explore:

Meals / Treats
Behavior Issues
Medical Situations

After seven years in this profession, I've dealt with many routine fixes and some of the truly oddball stuff critters come up with all on their own.

So, ask your questions or describe your situation in the comments and I'll respond to the two with the most upvotes.

I can get wordy, so believe me, this is for YOUR benefit. If I don't know the answer, I'll do my best to find reputable experts who do.

Then, on Saturday I'll post my responses - plus, we'll hopefully generate a new batch of questions to brew in the comments for you to vote on.

I'm feeling generous this holiday season, so if your question is featured in Saturday's post, you'll find 2.0 Steem in your wallet!

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Our old housecat went blind a bit over a week ago. It was sudden and unexpected. She's been around for about 15 years, and she turned up as a stray of unknown age, so we have no idea how old she really is.

There is no obvious evidence of physical injury, and no known access to toxic chemicals. Our best guess is either some sort of concussion, or a stroke.

Her eyesight seems to be returning. She squints when bright lights are shined in her eyes, and today she appeared to follow a red laser dot on the floor in front of her paws, batting hesitantly at it a couple times.

Any idea what the cause might be, or how we should continue to treat it other than keeping her inside and away from heights?

edit She has been to the vet. She went the day after we noticed something was very wrong, and she was bumping into things and walking off-course when headed for the door. The vet said it was probably neurological, and there wasn't really anything she could do.

Poor kitty. It's always sad seeing them age and have health issues.

Sorry to hear that. It's hard to see our pets suffer through an illness, especially something that can't easily be treated. Here's to your cat's health returning - soon.

Good news: Her eyesight seems to be returning, at least somewhat.

That's good news. Enjoy every day with your cat. I hope she keeps getting better.
I've got an old orange cat that has sort of lost his mind. He sleeps right in his litter box.

Thanks for your question, @jacobtothe. I'll definitely need to research this one! Good luck on the votes, too.

I've been searching for healthy hard kibble recipes that I can make for my dogs. If you've got recipes for dog food I would love them!

Hi @mere99! I have a few ideas... ;-)

Are there things that we wouldn't think dogs would like as treats, that they really do? I know I can go buy treats at the pet store, but are there other things?

Good to see you again, @haphazard-hstead! I was afraid I might have trouble with this one, but my furkid gave me a demonstration of at least one thing that fits that category. Now I'm curious to see what else I can find!
Good luck on the votes!

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