Steemians, We Need Your Votes! - Only a few hours left to decide the prize winner (but don't up vote this!)

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It's time to vote for which of the 3 proposals should receive the 5,000 STEEM and ~ $5K SBD project funding prize.

Please don't vote for this post - save your votes for helping to vote for the winner!!

Make yourself familiar with each of the projects by reviewing the 3 submitted proposals detailed in the main thread:

Proposal 1 - Publishing scientific papers on Steem by @pharesim
Proposal 2 - A Mutual Aid Society Based on Scholarships to Allow for Continuing Education by @complexring
Proposal 3 - Development of the Reddit - Steemit Cross-Post Bot by @xeroc

Do consider the quality of the proposal and likelihood of the development team ensuring the project will be completed in a reasonable timeframe along with it's likely impact to help achieve steemit critical-mass adoption for new communities.

No down-votes please, as I'm also donating the thread reward in Steem Dollars to the winner which will provide a secondary round of funding in July when steemit post payouts commence.

The winning proposal will be that which has the highest up-voting SD reward by Friday, 20 May 2016 at 11:55:00 PM UTC.

To vote - please vote for your preferred proposal where is says [To Vote for Proposal X - Up-Vote This Post]
In the main thread :


It's a bit difficult to find the actual place to vote - this is what you should be looking for

Please, upvote my post if you can
I've spent a half of day writing it and nobody upvotes it(

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