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In 2008, Bitcoin was created, the first cryptocurrency, whose aim is to wrest the global financial system from the power of banks and governments. Blockchain technology, used to create Bitcoin, gave him a global accounting system independent of anyone. By definition, Bitcoin is money in the hands of a people that no bank has access to.

In 2016, STEEM was created, the network in Blockchain technology, which became the engine for building a new Internet, which, as in Bitcoin is property of all network users.

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It all started in 2016, when Dan Larimer, creator of the decentralized exchange Bitshares together with Ned Scott created Steemit Inc. which launched Blockchain and created the first application on STEEM, ie the Steemit interface. Since then, the network has grown considerably and many applications based on Blockchain STEEM have been created. On March 15, 2017, Dan Larimer decided to leave the company and began to deal with his next project called EOS, which is aimed at more professional applications.

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Currently, STEEM is a much more extensive network than at the beginning of its creation. Today, it is many interfaces and mobile applications, the first decentralized games, casinos and online stores are created. STEEM is like a graphics engine where many companies build their own games. It can be said that this is the core of a new, decentralized internet. On this newly created website you can see a list of the most interesting, active applications on Blockchain STEEM:

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What are the advantages of the global Blockchain network? It's easier to create applications for one common engine for the entire internet. One account allows the user to log in to all STEEM-based services and, additionally, is his portfolio enabling global transactions to be made without commission and brokering. STEEM also replaces the payment system designed for Bitcoin, offering free transactions in 3 seconds to anywhere in the world.

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Social media built on STEEM give power to users and it is only them who can censor the network in a certain way, by casting a negative vote on what they do not like. The new Internet built on STEEM is and will be free of malicious advertisements, if they appear, it is only what the community will accept. The STEEM Blockchain network is being supported by witnesses from around the world, elected by the community. It seems that the Internet age in the hands of several huge companies is slowly coming to an end. The future is STEEM - the Internet in the hands of people. Here, each user is the owner of shares in the STEEM platform.

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@astromaniak, In my opinion, Steem will become giant, it will take time but to become something solid it takes time for sure. Stay blessed.

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Exactly. Mass adaptation of cryptocurrencies requires a long period of time. STEEM also needs time, we have to be patient.

Absolutely true. Have a blessed time ahead.

The cryptocurrency market is in a place where STEEM didn't exist yet. In 2016, we already had an upward trend in BTC and the development of all projects was simply easy.

Collect STEEM and hold. I will not give away under $ 10 and I'm counting on a solid cash for about 2-3 years at the next BTC bubble.

If BTC reaches $ 100,000, STEEM reaches $ 8-10 at the current low STEEM / BTC rate, during the last bubble, STEEM reached 0.0006 BTC, which at $ 100,000 gives $60 for 1 STEEM.

I am optimistic.

If we believe, at least we will not regret because we followed our Intuition. And i am an Full Time Steemian and i will go through from this Roller-coaster Journey. Steem On.

it does not matter for the price of steem..... just like you pointed out... steem proved something new could be done. that success stays.

Of course. I'm talking only speculatively. STEEM is a revolution and as Bitcoin is the first king of cryptocurrencies, STEEM was the first in its field and will remain the king of decentralized social media.

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