If i remember correctly it was theMarkyMark. think he was trying to make him say that they fucked up, as they did, and they don't want to admit anything. Also they don't want to say that it is a liquidity problem for (i think mostly binance) exchanges and not security. Because multiple witnesses said that if they start powerdown no one can stop it, and if witnesses hard fork exchanges can just not accept it and nothing can happen to the funds. also freezing the exchanges funds would be the end of the steem blockchain, but Roy was playing stupid and repeating about the safety... he kinda admitted it only when one of the witnesses said he can't withdraw his funds from binance.

I guess you hold the view that freezing the Steemit Stake was justified ?

i was not sure is it a great thing to do, but i see why they did it. and from all this talks with tron, it looks like that they had no idea what they bought, and they for sure were planning to migrate steem to tron blockchain. than they seen the community but still had no idea what are they getting in to, so they made no effort to contact the witnesses.
One of the witnesses (that "knows" him from earlier and they contacted before) said to Roy that that he send multiple messages to him and Justin but was ignored (and Roy replied with i have a lot of massages i must have missed it. it is in the realm of my touchscreen is not working so i could not answer your call). So the first time Tron really understood what they got into is when community made public pressure on exchanges and exchanges had to stop voting. I am sure that the plan was "we have our witnesses, steemit inc devs code our 1 day powerdown idea, exchanges are out in 2 days, and we do whatever.
They did not count on employes sticking to community so fast HF was out of the question and did not count on community making so much noise, that everybody in crypto was talking about it, and most of them were picking on Justin and exchanges.
So in the end, maybe it was necessary for them to see that we exist and are not just numbers that they can show when they brag about user base.
I also understand justins side of what he did, But exchanges fucked up great, and they are paying the price, and they will for some time.
I have almost nothing in this, but it will have no problem reminding them from time to time what they did.