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Hello all, just wanted to do a post looking back after the dust settled on the incredible momentum that was the #60secondsofsteem video advert campaign.

I want to say that I’m properly inspired to keep on making commercial videos for us Steemians to use to push our wonderful network far and wide.

The reaction from the community to @surfermarly’s fantastic video initiative was incredible and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that it was humbling to see such positive support for our little 60 second videos that came out.

It appears that the STEEM community morale is very strong at the moment (as is the token getting stronger too), so this kind of ‘commercial’ video content seems really appropriate as a resource for us to use right now.

I’ve also had kind and encouraging words of support from Steemit Incs very own @andrarchy, to keep doing my thing

It’s very positive to know that STEEM might get behind my work (as long as my work is not total rubbish, obviously)

What’s next?

It’s still early days, but I’m voluntarily scripting and planning a couple of 60 second-ish videos for me to shoot and produce in the very near future; of which I want the tone to be simple, engaging and lighthearted with a clear message.
I want to show the world what they’re missing.
I’ll sure make the videos in a similar style to my original 60 second entry, here..

I want to keep the simple voiceover and filmic shooting theme as I feel that style comes across quite easily.

I’m thinking a little deeper into who we should be aiming these videos at too

I believe there are plenty of new signups from ordinary folk who want to join this ‘new kind of social media’.
It’s fantastic! It’s makes a stronger community.

But what also became clear during (and since) the #sixtyseconds campaign, is that that instead of aiming the video towards the broadest public there is (which was entirely my first videos intention) it’s going to be more productive to be aiming it towards a more invested and growing audience who can take the blockchain to the next level.

So I’ve chosen for this time to aim my videos towards: the individuals who are creators, entrepreneurs and business generators.

It’s those whose can utilise Steem as a tool to develop their big ideas, and thus, take Steem along for the ride.

This doesn’t mean I still won’t shoot something aimed at regular Steem users again, in fact, we need users in the community more than ever.

What do you believe are the all important selling points of STEEM, that we want creators to know about?

I want these videos to act as a catalyst, to plant the seed in the minds of those who have a use for the Steem platform - but perhaps haven’t quite found us yet.

It’s not particularly the hard sell I’m going for, but the long game.
To get the name out further and be recognised.
We need to peak the curiosity of those who can use this space in a creative way to bring value to the blockchain.

Comments and suggestions welcome, - welcome along for the ride :)

Cheers for reading, updates on my little production to follow. @ashtv.

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nice work!

Thanks @br0!

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There are so many different value propositions that if you try to cover them all at the same time you won't be able to convince the viewer that they exist and also connect them to a problem/wosh that they have in a way that they "get it" before the brief attention you have before they turn their eyes away is gone. At least that is my experience.

I would like a video directed at businesses and people wanting to start a community website that if they choose Steem there's a pre-existing user base who "just love" seeing new projects and adoption come around and who will give them an instant initial userbase eager to help them grow.

Absolutely @fredrikaa, there's simply too many great things about Steem - and I don't intend to drown the viewer in information, or try to convince them of everything.

We need it simple, and something that can touch upon some of the enticing USP's of this platform.
Indeed I'm aiming these ideas towards entrepreneurs and business generators - although I don[t have a technical/business background myself, I hope to be able to tell the story in an engaging way.
There's plenty of dApps and communities to use as examples. Cheers for your thoughts on this, it might be good to pick your brains over discord sometime :)

Let us! Just tell me when ;)

I would prefer to see spotlights of the content here that is not steem or crypto related. Some people reviewed the 60 seconds initiative and found we got little traction or views to the videos since they were ads - generally people skip by ads.

Many, like me, did push the videos, but only because we were getting upvotes for doing them. I certainly did not watch any of them even though I posted them to my social media. I use ad-blocker because I do not like ads and so would not choose to watch them for a place I am already at.

I think the "show, don't tell" approach is better than the "Yay! Steem!" approach. It is my belief that we need content creators here and the dapps are the way to go for the most part.

So -

"look at this person! Making money by working out on actifit"
"look at this person! Making money finding cool products with steemhunt"



I'm heavily involved in the current twitter push to get people here. I get a lot more traction on tweets with cool content than with those touting steem as the place to be.

Also keep in mind that the fact that we are a cryptocurrency place is a downside for many who do not want to get involved with it. I hope that will soon change, but we are not there yet. I am glad I am here now, but I stayed out for months after I heard of steem from friends specifically because the crypto aspect was something I did not want to learn.

Excellent comment @fitinfun

It's hard not to agree with all your reasons.

Yours, Piotr

Cheers for the detailed comment @fitinfun!
I absolutely see what you're saying. Of course ad's do get ignored, I can't deny that - I'm not expecting mass adoption over a video, but like I said in the post it's important to have a presence and at least plant the seed.
I think the videos from the 60 seconds campaign were a good tool and a reason for people to share with likeminded people - perhaps friends or acquaintances - to show them and say "just have a look in to our world - it's legit!".
It's totally up to you whether you watched them or not, or shared just for up-votes - that's fine.
But equally lots of people did share them with a good heart to say 'look, this is MY community and I'm proud of it'.
My video did indeed follow that exact format of "look at this person! Making money by working out on actifit" that you suggested - I used a couple of examples of Steemit, dSound (I had to cut out the dtube reference because of edit time restrictions!)
Give it a watch. It's not perfect; I shot/edited/submitted the whole thing in 2 days - I missed out some details and worded/emphasised some things I wouldn't do second time around.

Indeed Twitter is a mix of great posts and spam. We can't win them all.

About the fact we are a cryptocurrency place; I understand some will turn off because of that. That's fine.

Over all, I understand and agree with what you're saying here.
We don't need another "STEEM TO THE MOON" sentiment, ad's/promos don't always tend to have the desired impact and we need to focus on the apps that content creators use.

Cheers for commenting @fitinfun. I'll keep your ideas in mind :)

Part of my issue these days is bad metered wifi in Kaula Lumpur, so I do not watch videos at all or even have media turned on. I do not even see photos in what I look at these days. It's been an interesting change in my life and I have to say that I get more done without seeing media!

I know that yours was one of the videos I promoted, and good for you to show the power of steem. These real world success stories are what will draw people in. And we are definitely having a good impact on twitter. I have seen "steem" as one of my trends over there at times now. The more you are creating, the better, and I will promote whenever I get the chance.

Cover the nearly instant success of @steemmonsters and @drugwars after they launched on the Steem blockchain.

It's been less than two weeks since @drugwars launched and they are already in second place on @stateofthedapps:


P.S. If you agree.. upvote this post for visibility!

I completely agree with this. Games and gambling are the hottest draws now and can lead people into crypto. It does not matter if we like the idea or not since it is the reality of the situation.

I totally agree @chrisrice! Let's feature Steem Monsters and DrugWars - they're a huge part of this ever evolving platform. Nice one

Drugs are bad, m’kay!

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So is gambling yet gambling is one of the most popular app types for cryotocurrencies.

The number one Dapp is, and is good 👍🏻

Like the advert. I think that this is a good initial effort to get the word out to the general public about the benefits of participating in the Steem blockchain. I also think it would be a good idea if individual projects, i.e., D-Tube, DSound, etc., would have ads running extolling their benefits and advantages compared to what's already out there. Keep up the good efforts and cheers!

Indeed, comparisons would be great

awesome Ash! looking forward to more awesome work of yours!

Thanks man, I’m looking forward to doing it! Cheers for the encouragement :)

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yes! fantastic work ash! the video is great....Keep it up bro :)

Cheers for getting me on board too

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You’re welcome mate, glad it’s sticking for you! Hope you’re learning lots about how this place works and crypto/blockchain is changing the world :)

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The video is fantastic, the sound, everything looks good, the question is that, I don't know, many people say that we are like a social network and people arrive thinking that they can do things the same, but we are not, we are a platform for work that rewards with steem and sbd.

And with the communities that flag new ones, people see that it is not a social network, they are limited and they leave, I think we should change the invitation proposal.

And to be more transparent with the people we want to join, at least in the Spanish-speaking communities I think there is a problem, that's why many are no longer in our blockchain.

El video esta fantástico, el sonido, todo se ve bien, la cuestión es que no sé, mucha gente dice que somos como una red social y la gente llega pensando que pueden hacer las cosas igual, pero no lo somos, somos una plataforma de trabajo que recompensa con steem y sbd.

Y con las comunidades que dan flag a los nuevos, la gente ve que no es una red social, se ven limitados y se van, creo que deberiamos de cambiar la propuesta de invitación.

Y de ser mas trasparentes con las personas que queremos que se unan, por lo menos en las comunidades de habla hispana creo que sí hay un problema, por eso muchos ya no están en nuestra blockchain.

Yup - people hate feeling cheated, and then they leave...with the added information to give steemit a bad review..

Selling the 'making money' angle is a bad sell, - because the excpections doesn't live up to the reality..

Even showing the '$180 dollar reward' in the clip, for example - is not selling - It's much closer to lying, while not technically doing so.
(no offense meant to the video maker).

That's fair; although Steemit is often touted as a social media, it's difficult to draw many comparisons between it and Facebook. But it is social in the community sense, so I think its an appropriate description. Indeed retention rates are not good as some come expecting to make immediate riches; but those who stick with it and see it's value are the ones we really want around.

Cheers for the comment @monster-one

Dear @ashtv

I’m voluntarily scripting and planning a couple of 60 second-ish videos for me to shoot and produce in the very near future;

That is such an awesome goal.

Is this your voice in the background of this video? very clear and easy to undertand (even for non-native english speaker like myself).

What do you believe are the all important selling points of STEEM, that we want creators to know about?

For businesses the most valuable thing about Steemit may be the fact, that it's so SEO friendly.

ps. if you would ever post anything that valuable (especially topics related to blockchain) then send me link in memo. I will do my best to support your content with comment, upvote and if I will find your publication valuable and informative then I will also help you get some extra traffic :)

Keep up with great work buddy

Hey @crypto.piotr, sorry I nearly missed your comment!
Thanks for the feedback on the most valuable Steemit USP.

Yes that’s my voice in the video, did the beat I could :)

Cheers for the support!

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Thank for the information and keep up the good works. May God bless you

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This is a great video. I love the vib and I love that it is about normal people and not just crypto.

I want to share this all over the place as it is by far the best messaging I have seen. This could really work for people that don't care or know anything about crypto to just come on here and do it!

Cool stuff :) resteemed and !tipuvote for 5 steem

We love #Steem users and promoters!

Thanks @ashtv for being one.

Expect our full support!

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Thanks for the support @maxdevalue!

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That video is sick!!! Great job!

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Looking forward to seeing more projects

Cheers man

Awesome job man the video is fantastic

Thanks man!

H0ly Sh1T, dude. That’s a real proper commercial-style vid. Amazing!

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Hey - you got my upvote! :D

*fighting toxic downvote behaviour on steemit - wish ya a great day! :D

Thanks @phasewalker! Yeah screw that guy :)

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You're welcome! :)
Haha, exactly :P

Pretty cool video you've made... Thanks for the work and.....

Greetings from Mexico.

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You're welcome, feel free to share it

I loved what you did the first time around and can’t wait to see what else you have.
There was a comment that maybe we should have focused on the DApps as opposed to Steem
I find that they both have their place having come from. Radio background and marketing it.
We pushed the DJs and some of the shows to gain listeners. But during survey the thing that mattered most was the station’s call letters. So we needed to keep drumming that into the listeners as well.

Looking forward to what’s in store 😊

Thanks the feedback @kaerpediem!
Sorry for the late reply.
Yes I like the idea of focusing on DApps for sure.
Interesting you have a radio marketing background, and the listeners letters is relevant!

Cheers for the support

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I just shared this in my facebook account @ashtv and hopefully some people might come to join.
We just need many people to board this community because as many people would join in it will add more value to steem.

Freedom, I love the Freedom to be Me and create whatever I want

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Great work ! :)

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Thanks bud! I’ve not actually done the next bit of work yet, but it’s coming 👍🏻

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Cheers @pennsif

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