MEGA RAFFLE TIME! - 2018 Steem Silver 1oz Round up for grabs...

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Listen up, folks! IT’S RAFFLE TIME AGAIN and believe me when I tell you that whoever wins will receive something that is absolutely priceless!


The greatest raffle prize, ever...

Once upon a time, there was this cool place called Steem, and in that place happened all kinds of crazy things. It is said that in the early days of Steem a wizard(@sevinwilson) came along one day and gathered the community together. It was with their help that the wizard then created 2000 silver rounds. Now, these were no ordinary silver rounds, these were rounds of exquisite beauty and bewitching desire, and legend has it that anyone in possession of just one Steem silver round will have the power to call upon its magical properties in a time of need...Wooooooh...


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And so it appears the time has come for me to call upon my Steem silver round in my hour of need...

Some of you may have read about my unfortunate encounter with an online scammer and how he conned me out of my beloved Mavic drone. Admittedly, I should have known better, but we all get caught out from time to time so I'm not going to cry over spilled milk. Yes, this episode has seen me out of pocket for around £530, but the money itself isn't the most annoying part.

My girlfriend and I have been planning to drive from the UK to Italy for well over a year now. As you can imagine, driving through France, Switzerland, and Italy is going to place us slap-bang in the middle of some of the most beautiful places on earth and I've been dreaming of capturing these magnificent landscapes with my drone. Being that my drone is now in the hands of some scumbag in London and I'm unable to buy the upgraded drone I'd planned to get with the money from the sale. So, unless I do something drastic it's starting to look highly unlikely that I'll be able to fulfill my dream.

Desperate times call for desperate measures...

Along with powering down a large portion of my Hive stake in order to help raise the funds I need to purchase a new drone, I have decided to Raffle off my last remaining, cherished, Steem silver 1oz round.


What a beauty she is! And she can be all yours for the price of a raffle ticket.

Rules of the raffle

1. I will be drawing the winner for this raffle in 4-week's time, which should give everyone plenty of time to participate. I will write a new post each week and then a final winners announcement post(So, 5 posts in total)

2. There will be no limit to the number of tickets sold. The raffle will be drawn 4 weeks from today regardless of whether I sell 1 ticket or 100 tickets

3. You can buy as many raffle tickets as you like.

4. The raffle will be drawn using an online raffle bot. I will record a video of the draw and post it on Hive.

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5. I will pay to have the silver round posted to you wherever you are in the world.

6. You don't have to but reblogging the raffle post helps enormously. Nonetheless, an upvote will always suffice.

7. Every week until the raffle is drawn I will write a new post. Please notify me of your payment for tickets through the most recent raffle post.

8. Once payment for your ticket has been sent to my wallet you must let me know in the comments section. Once confirmed I will reply to your comment and add you to the raffle. I will edit the raffle post to add the names and number of tickets you have so you can make sure all is correct

(This isn't my first rodeo, however, I'm only human so just let me know if I get something wrong).

Ticket Prices

1 Raffle ticket = 2 STEEM or 0.5 SBD

5 Raffle tickets = 9 STEEM 0r 2 SBD

10 Raffle tickets = 17 STEEM or 4SBD

I understand that this pay structure means that paying in SBD for a raffle ticket costs more but I have done this purely because giving the exact conversion of SBD will result in working in fractions which could result in much confusion on my part. However, you have the choice to pay in either SBD or STEEM so it's entirely your choice.

That's all there is to it, folks! So what are you waiting for? Come and get your raffle tickets!!

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