Can You Help Me Catch Up on STEEM, Steemit etc?

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Hey all!

As I have been away from steemit for some time, and by been away I mean posting, commenting, voting etc, I have a few questions so I can catch up with the rest of you. I have no idea how I got to 3050 followers though. I guess most of them are dead.

  • When are SMT released?

  • Is it somehow possible to join a voting trail? I was following @acidyo voting trail, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. I can't remember the website I used for it.

  • What about HF20? When is that going to happen?

  • How are you all and where do you see STEEM and Steemit going in 2018?

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Welcome back!


Thanks! I won't be posting though. Too much going on :=)

Welcome back I feel like last time we spoke was when you were figuring out what device to purchase for taking notes etc! Nice to see your name pop up again! To bad you're to busy and wont have time to post! You could always delegate you SP to projects you follow support, and trust!


Yes, that was about the time I "left". Do you have any idea for a project I could support?


Hmm I'm going to be extremely bias but I hope you understand. I have 3 community's I partake in quite regularly now and I will pitch for all 3 as to why they could use some SP!

  1. @IFC it's essentially a community that was created to by @apolymask to bring people together and post about random quest's. Literally anything from philosophy, helping others, random random quests about after life and time travel etc... I think you get it. Anyways its coming to an end soon here and someone will walk away with 160 Steem, but as the community has grown he's created an @IFC account that essentially will be used as the main account for seasons to come. With the discord chat with over 130 members and even a marketplace created with vendors and buyers which is growing rapidly and purchases for goods/services is happening regularly. Essentially if you lent out some SP now that you're not active it would go towards upvoting the quest posts (whoever wins that round gets the payout) and then upvoting anything related to @IFC posts/quests. It's an absolutely active community and I'm sure you'd gain a lot of support followers for delegating some SP if it was even for a week or month however long! So it would go a really long way for this up and coming community. Another fabulous thing about them is that its simply all positive. I don't know how they do it but discord everywhere it's always everyone helping others.

  2. I know you're a sports guy and right for Steem Fantasy or used to. I joined a community here on Steemit created by a few people including @costanza whose been a popular sports writer here on Steemit for some time. The SBC bot was created to essentially help grow the sport betting community. I see you commented on the World Cup contest. That's created by a member of the SBC group. So essentially if you delegated some SP to the bot it's programmed to upvote posts with the #SBC tag and theres a list of members who can use the tag and get a % of upvotes. It's another up and coming community. There are live sport tips and just gambling and sports chat. The one thing that makes this community stand out is also how active it is in the discord chat and with posting contests etc. Really just trying to help everyone grow even though no one has big accounts. Just a really good group of lads. Again I think some SP would go a long way helping with upvotes which would lead to more members wanting to make posts and engage in the group!

  3. Last the most bias of them all #steemtravels I'm trying to combine my passion for fitness and travel. Right now I don't have much of a following as my vote is worth about 6 cents. I'm trying to get people more active by creating a contest where they submit a photo if they walk at least 3km a week and are entered to win 1 Steem. Eventually I'd like to make it a bigger prize and have more engagement. If I had some SP delegated for a while I would use it 1/3rd for all three of the communities I mentioned above. I wouldn't abuse it and use it wisely to help everything I've mentioned above grow.

I know it's three project's I'm apart of but I truly think they have good intentions and lots of potential. Even without the support of any whales which really helps on Steemit! I know it may not be what you were thinking of but I thought I'd share with you! Thanks for your time man and hope you eventually get time to get back on Steemit!


Sadly I just rented out my SP a couple of days ago, but when the delegation is done I might support one of your project :)


No stress! Thats another good way to go about it! :D

Welcome back.

I got back like a month ago after a 2 month pause, too.

And about your questions, I don't have answers sadly.

Haven't heard of voting trail, but I assume what those are.

I'd like to know if those still exist aswell.

How are you all and where do you see STEEM and Steemit going in 2018?

I really hope it continues doing good.

Steem gone up to 4+$ few weeks ago.

I hope it gets back there.

Good luck on Steemit.

Welcome back! Its healthy to take a break from Steemit every so often.

Don't worry about your followers. Zombie followers are just looking for proof-of-brains.