A man raped and raped by three women! (WTF) 😵 😨 😱

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South Africa's 33-year-old man was initial kidnaped, then raped 3 girls. The news revealed within the Daily Mail claimed that the person was raped by carrying guns on the top.
She is speculated to have raided her in an exceedingly black SUV automobile.
Complaint, a girl desires to guide the person out of the car! once the person was serving to, the opposite 2 girls allegedly raped him within the automobile. 3 girls suspect of raping the person, regarding fifty kilometers off from town.

Daily Mail claims that the person's cum stuffed the sperm cell with a cooler. Later, he was thrown out of the automobile. The police filed rape cases. The investigation has begun. however nobody has been in remission until currently.


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who rape who?

how? steal sperm? why? expensive?

don't know about this bro! 😒

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