Payout snapshot for June 9, 2016

in #steem5 years ago

It has been a week since the last snapshot, so it is time for a new one.

This is a snapshot as of block 2199289 (2016-06-09T23:08:03 UTC) estimating the July 4th rewards. It assumes the weekly median price feed at time of payout on July 4th is 0.367 USD/STEEM.

There are two files that will be of interest in the directory available at the following link:

The first is post_payout.txt which lists the Steem Dollar (SD) portion of the top-level posts only of each user (that has gotten any content rewards from top-level posts). An equivalent value of Steem Power (SP) would also be distributed to the user for the content rewards of the top-level posts.

The second is account_rewards.txt which lists in descending order the SD value of rewards received by all accounts (that receive any rewards). It also breaks down how much of that is paid in SD and how much is paid in SP. These rewards include all content/curation rewards: content rewards for posts and comments, content rewards originating from child comments, and curation rewards from posts and comments.


Is it just me living in the wrong timezone, or is the seed for the file offline whenever I try to download the file?

It seems, it was just me. Was able to fix it up uprating ipfs.

Good work again Arhag. I've made some charts showing the payout distribution for the top 50 earners if anyone's interested...

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Says Mr. 13.88% lolz :-)

Question: how do SD values on replies factor into this?

So, after the payout , the most rich non-former-whale authors will have hundreds of millions of SP, so will be able to reward several pennies to new contents everyday.

still confusing..
at account_rewards.txt my number list on 331 with Reward value: 136.583 SD Given as: 1.265743923484 million SP and 68.291 SD

but on post_payout.txt just 0.000 SD

i confuse with this..