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I officially have to eat my words. I forget how long ago it was but I feel like it's been a couple months since I said I didn't think steem would go below $3 for a long time.. I just checked and it's at $2.98.. Wow. Bitcoin is also below $7000!!!

I was wrong. Damn.. I have to wonder if this is what a lot of people have been predicting in regards to bitcoin falling back to around $1000 and the other alt coins rising and taking their rightful places.

Whatever the case.. I still HIGHLY believe in steem.. If you believe in it as well, now might be a good time to buy some steem! Though.. Who knows.. Maybe it will go down even more!

Should be interesting to see what happens!

By the way.. For anyone who might be expecting or waiting for a response from me.. I did too much yesterday and I'm too tired tonight to do much, I'm going to sleep soon. But tomorrow I hope to get caught up on most of my messages and announce the results of the first round of the Information Finding Championship.

Anyways.. I'm going back to sleep. Hope you're all doing well out there in steemit land!


I'm still long term bullish on bitcoin and other cryptos in general. I think that the market will overcorrect. We may be in for an extended period of no confidence as a result with so many people getting burned (some even mortgaged their homes). But because this technology is still relatively new and is following the path of the internet of the early 90's, by the early 2020's I'm expecting many advancements that will iron out the scaling issues that bitcoin has been through (Steem, Bitshares and EOS have already solved this).

I suspect that later this year, once people begin to realize that a few of these alts don't have scaling issues, they will flock to them. I think Steem will be leading the pack of alts eventually.

Some people are under the mistaken impression that there can only be one coin. I do think one of them will end up as the next Google of finance, but unlike the search engine wars of the 90's, there will still be many other useful coins for other purposes.


This is what I believe at this moment :D


What does HODL mean?

Hold On for Dear Life

I officially have to eat my words. I forget how long ago it was but I feel like it's been a couple months since I said I didn't think steem would go below $3 for a long time.. I just checked and it's at $2.98.. Wow

Good for you for acknowledging your mistake. Truth be told, a lot of predictions are wrong; they only become dangerous if we cling to them.

Whatever the case.. I still HIGHLY believe in steem..

Have you seen Coinmarketcap? STEEM's climbed a bit in the ranks.

I absolutely agree with you who would have known it would be like this. 1 month ago someone told me that one bitcoin would be $ 7000. I thought you were mocking me. Unfortunately, this is the case.

In the meantime, I trust Steem. I bought a little over $ 3.16 a week ago. I bought a little more than $ 2.9 yesterday. I always told Steem to trust him. I know you will return as a very good investment after 1 month if not 2 months.

I give you good sleep. See the dream that Steem is rising. @apolymask

Looking scary out there long live steem!

Wheww* i thought sbd will never go down more tha 3$ too, the market is so unpredictable now, there is a big change going on now, the displacement of the position of BTC will force other altcoins to try to take first position, the result should be interesting. Rest well, have a nice day

@apolymask..bro no one plz dont worry about the price drops..if we saw the graph of cryptos in last 3 years every year at the starting of 3 months price will be down due to the tax reasons and some cultural events in big countries like chaina..but this year it drops up to 45 % causes of government restrictions in some big tradings countries..the price will be again come to the normal state with in few days..keep hold coins in yours..thank you for sharing with us..

Hope things will go back to normal soon.Have a good rest!!!

Don't worry that the market will return to good.
Good [email protected]

@apolymask sir....
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why is everybody going that made world is not going to end everything is going to be good .its will jump back

I believe in it too, and I think this platform will help the Steem coin to be safe - at least for now. I am getting super nervous about my Bitcoin though :-(

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