I see so much promise in Steem/Steemit though. I hope this truly is just garbage FUD and everything passes and 2018 hits all time highs. We truly are just pawns in this whole game though and have 0 impact.

Agreed. I was more worried earlier, I'm less worried now. Though I still plan on keeping an eye out for any new social media that might try to take steemits spot.. If and when another one worthy sprouts up, I'll just stop posting on Facebook and do steemit and the new one and try to gauge it the best I can. At this point steemit has such a viral following, it's hard to imagine it "losing steem" so to speak.. Even with a significant infight like this.. Steemit has first movers advantage, some other social media would have to be really amazing I think to compete, but hey.. I don't know very much And who knows.. Maybe there could be multiple big social media like this.. Maybe steemit can thrive side by side an EOS version...

" loosing steem " I truly don't see it happen anytime soon. Steem is the pioneer and of course others may try and copy and make it better.

I couldn't agree more though just like ETH and BTC both have their own roles and work together. I could see that happening one day but for now Steem just keeps growing and as much as we bash what the whales are doing we can only do so much! So for now I will keep enjoying myself here on Steemit and growing!

Is it a fresh message or development and I am really curious to know about it and can you give give some more details about this message @apolymask.

Thank you and Have a great day.

Good information.

My answer is , we have no power . Even the whales stick together and rape the reward pool and leave us with nothing . They team up and upvote one another’s posts , what about us? We are left with very little and dreams that move further and further away from us

It does look grim.. I was feeling really positive about steemit and now here we are again and I'm like.. What's going on? This doesn't seem positive.

I appreciate your view.if something happens like that then it will not be good for steemit.Once there is really a corruption then people will come to know some day.Then they will leave the community,but i hope that sort of activity not happen again.

Sheit, that doesn't sound promising at all...

Yeah.. Hopefully we can get some more information cause.. This is disconcerting.

What does it mean? I'm just a minnow🐟🐠🎣🐡

I don't know. Your guess is almost as good as mine.. I'd like to hear from some other veterans who have been around a while before I try to form my opinion too much.

what does he offer? Does he want make own steem hardfork?

Good question. I'm not sure! I would be curious to hear his plan, though.. I really dislike this whole fracture and basically FUD. is a steem hardfork. Some Russians could not be a steem whales and was displeased. And they created hardfork in which it is impossible to earn by minnows

Hmm.. I've heard of before, thanks for the info I'll check it out more when I can.

where was this one taken from?

I'm not sure, someone else posted it on steemit and I just shared it from their post.
Either ways it's definitely concerning to have one of the two main people giving up on steem/steemit.. I know there's some infighting going on, and people tell me to try to keep that in mind.. Though.. I don't think this can be a good thing.. Seems like pretty bad news to me.

Not totally sure I understand your meme? Can you clarify a little bit my friend? always curious to hear your thoughts on these sorts of things.

Downvoted for aggrandizement!
This is what @ned said that day :D And @misterdelgation gave 100% upvote on it!


I'm still not totally sure what's going on, but.. I'm assuming you're sort of suggesting it's just a squabble between the two and something to not worry about too much? Am I reading that right..? Or no?

Yeah nothing to worry! @dan made EOS as a competitor to STEEM and @ned will bring SMT to give a good competition! Both runs on the same blockchain technology!


Isn't EOS using ethereum? I'm confused now. EOS is using the same steem blockchain? Or a different one?

Also I thought eos was more of like a file hosting site, though theoretically you should be able to host a social media network on that as well right?

I guess it's something to keep an eye out for.. But.. I wonder how many people would be eager to move to Dan's and leave steemit, or vice versa.. Like.. I wish they could have just kept working together instead of splintering the community in half basically.. This doesn't seem good..

Thanks for your responses and your thoughts though! Eased my FUD a little bit.

There are no FUD bro, EOS, BTS, STEEM, GOLOS all of them are using the same blockchain framework as "Graphene Blockchain Technology"!
EOS is trying to capture the market of ETH blockchain and STEEM with SMT is trying the same!
@dan already left STEEM and @ned is the CEO of STEEM inc at the moment! So, FUD happened before and now nothing to fear :D


Is what I posted not new and from a long time ago then? For some reason I got the impression this was new??? smh...

I went to dans page and didn't see anything about this it's all posts about eos.. So.. I'm guessing I messed up and shared something from a while ago? I don't see a date on it I should have been more careful.

Though I'm a lil confused what you mean by this still.. "EOS, BTS, STEEM, GOLOS" all using the same block chain, does that literally mean they are all connected to the same steem blockchain, or.. do they each have their own separate graphene block chain, that is essentially the same one steem uses? I'm a lil confused about that!

Would appreciate the clarification friend. And thanks for the info!

Aggrandizement is always confusing. No worries, I'm here to help!

Dilly Dilly!

Interesting, I know there is an internal struggle and one day it will come to a head. My hope is that things slowly change for the better as opposed to some sort of drastic change. But there is definitely a problem with the whales just rewarding each other and good minnow post go unnoticed.

I agree grizzman! Totally.. Well said. I just read more of this whole debate and I'm not really sure what to think. I'm very conflicted and need to learn more... But if EOS does make a new steemit like they are claiming they are, then.. I could just drop Facebook and do both steemit and the new one.. Perhaps they will both be successful...? I wish I woulda invested in EOS earlier.. But I don't really have much to invest anyways, most of my earnings will come from blogging.

Until all hell breaks lose just steem on!
Time will tell.

that's pretty cool to know

Why is it cool?

this is disconcerting, to say the least. I remember a whale war last summer-ish I think? - didn't understand it then ..still don't get it now. But $teem was much lower than and the platform had a smaller population.
I hoped with the growth of the platform, workable proof that there's plenty to go around and plenty more to be mined that the whales might calm down a bit.
It's sad - I have a lot of faith in Steemit and there are so many good people here but to see the corruption and greed slime its way through the cracks and up the ranks... and I HATE saying "that was bound to happen" because I thought this platform may be different.
If you do find a new Utopian-ish platform where honest people make great pay for great work, share in their rewards/success and promote new, "lower class" people to grow their own sustainable life - then I'm in!

Someone posted it earlier. I don't know what it signifies: it could be @dan just complaining about that upvote (which, @ned later explained, was meat to trigger a "Streisand effect") or it could be a sign of something more.

We'll just have to wait and see.

@apolymask wow nice post

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