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RE: Burnpost update for SBD at 1 USD and accompanying rule improvements

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Hey @smooth, I hit you up on but understand you're a busy person. I wanted to remind you of another anti-spam initiative that I believe is worth a delegation.

It's been my labor of love in development and I would love (and hate I guess you can say because I hate abuse. Period) to see flaggers have more of an incentive and extend our reach to higher magnitude abuse.

Even with our between 200 to 700 SP delegation we have had throughout the last 180 days, we have rewarded approaching 600 flags against abuse. Furthermore, the project is designed to address abuse that would typically fall outside of @steemcleaners scope such as video plagiarism and general voting abuse.

I know I am kind of tooting my own horn here but I think it is a damn shame that the project has such nominal delegation (even so I am extremely thankful to our delegators) respective to the proportional impact we are making on Steem. I've added numerous capabilities using Beem and intend to add more in the future. A delegation sure would help energize things though.

I really hope you will give the usage of your current delegations an evaluations and consider fitting the @steemflagrewards project into the mix.

Also, thank you for what you are doing with burnpost to help boost the price of Steem.


I will consider it. Do your rules allow the account to ever upvote?

I thought I would refresh your memory and here you are refreshing mine. ;)

I think that is what it may have precluded us last time. The novelty and most prominent aspect of SteemFlagRewards is our Discord based system of upvoting flaggers. The process is as follows:

  1. Someone finds and flags abuse. They comment and specify the category and mention @steemflagrewards.

  2. Link to comment is dropped in the mentions channel for review by another party in which case it is slated for approval in a separate channel.

  3. Approval command is executed and bot will calculate weight to provide a 17% flag incentive rshare bonus (of course, if the bot is able to reach that with current voting power), annotate flag in a CSV row, and store in a variable for the beneficiary post.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

On another note, my colleagues have requested we provision a downvote account as backup and when our higher SP associates are either unavailable or VP is exhausted.

That is the plan moving forward and even a small delegation to that account when it is created would be awesome. Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Forgot to mention, I think one if the most important benefits the SFR project offers the blockchain is decentralizing of moderation. We get more users out there emboldened to flag, more eyes out there, and we will see far less abuse.

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