Eco Friendly Straw

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Eco-friendly straw

According to the United Nations Development Program, the United States alone consumes 175 billion straws a year. It usually takes five hundred years for the straw made of plastic to dissolve and become part of the climate. Many of these straws reach the oceans and pose a threat to marine life.
Earlier, straw was made from paper, but the paper straw would soften before the water or drink ran out. Then a layer of wax had to be applied on them. Some of which man drinks with a drink which, however, caused harm. In 1919, Tran Minh Tien, a young Vietnamese man, noticed that the wild grass near his house, which he called a bang co bang in the local language, had a structure that made it easy to make straw.
After cutting, cleaning and packing them, he started selling them as green straw. At first there were some difficulties in making people understand their usefulness, but gradually they started to be accepted. Now he has built a huge company where dozens of people work. His company now makes two types of straws, one green that can be used once and the other dry that can be used more than once.
Vietnam has now begun production in the Philippines and other countries in the region. The biotunic name of this herb is Lepironia Articulata Lepironia articulata. I think that even in our dear homeland, this grass may be rotting on its own, but we have neither to consider nor to act. And even if it is not, it can be applied. Supposedly, if not, there are many other similar things that grow in Pakistan. The same thing can be taken from them. The banks of the rivers and the oxen are covered with reeds.
The best straw can be made by working a little harder on them. Narsal, which is a thin bamboo-shaped plant, was spotted for miles on its way to Faisalabad today. Stop the car and cut two or three branches. The best made straw is just to remove a lump in the middle. I think a cutter, a drill machine and a packing machine will cost a few thousand rupees. If the free branches are removed and two to four thousand straws are made daily, the best livelihood can be had. If the government issues an SOP that plastic straws will not be used after a certain period.
As for shopping bags, a tremendous positive business activity can be started on a large scale. As for the availability of nurses, the acquaintances have said that it is not a problem to grow it, it is a problem to eradicate it. Once there is a fire, the more we cut it, the more fire comes.

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