The Normal internet is dying | The Steem Ecosystem is the future

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A few days ago I was browsing an anonymous board website where I hang out when I want to read about the people's stance on certain topics and opinions about specific situations, mainly social, political and economic.

I realized that the internet as we know it is dying. We are no longer in the testing phase or the learning curve as a society. The internet as it is, a cloud full of information - too much information if you ask me -, opinions, tutorials, videos, POS platforms etc is coming to an end.

We, as a globalized society, are no longer accessing official websites or browsing as we used to, but we are using social media as our main interaction point with other people, businesses, content creators and even government entities.

Think about it, whenever you want to buy something, you search for the Facebook page of the business or store you know has the product; if you want to complain about a service or present a formal issue regarding a product, you send a Tweet out; if you want to follow every step of a famous person or public figure, you don't read the newspaper waiting to see if they report something about the person, you just follow them on Instagram. I could go on and on about this but I think you get the point.

This presents a problem... An immense problem for our freedom as a society.

The corporatization of social media and big government influencing the modern model of the World Wide Web and social media

The web as we know it will be dead by the end of 2020. And that's a good thing.

  • Facebook sells your personal information. You are a piece of data ready to be sold to the highest bidder in order to be able to sell you random products or services. You think your private messages are indeed private? Think again, a few months ago billions of messages from millions of conversations were accessed by different governments and private entities. That´s not it. You can get banned from Facebook for Hate Speech by just having an unpopular opinion.

  • Youtube is falling apart as creators are searching for any and every way to get OFF the platform and find a way to make money elsewhere. Between copyright and demonitization issues the site is dying at an absurdly rapid pace. The whole deplatforming issue with Alex Jones from Info Wars and the corporate war against PewDiePie are the best examples of how YouTube is doomed.

  • Tumblr banned their primary user base and demographic content consumers. All the NSFW content creators are leaving the platform and are searching for a new place to share their creation.

  • Flickr is - out of the blue - charging their userbase a yearly fee for something that used to be completely free. Now, if a user doesn´t pay the platform, their pictures will be eliminated from their servers.

  • Patreon is censoring and demonetizing the users who don´t align with their political agenda, effectively censoring them at best, making their users drop out at worst. Patreon is also not allowing porn creators to get Patreon´d.

  • Paypal is deciding who can and who can't transfer money for arbitrary reasons. Yeah, as a centralized entity, they are deciding who can and who can´t acces and transfer their funds depending on non-economical, but political and social reasons.

  • Twitter is a cess pool of a left wing echo chamber. If you don´t agree with someone or if you have unpopular opinion, you will get reported by groups of SJW´s who will get you banned from the platform without any explanations from the central entity which is Twitter.

  • Not even a multi billion dollar market such as porn is free from this chronic of an announced death. Hentaihaven shut down and is being revived by fakku, meaning that it will be monetized to hell.

It is all just crumbling down before our eyes. I hope these people find a new place where they can browse, create content and interact without fear of being censored, punished and deplatformed...

Oh wait. If I remember correctly, the Steem Ecosystem has all that and more, right?

  • Content sharing: We have @steempeak, @partiko, @steeve and many more. (Hasta la vista, Facebook).
  • Video creation: Hello @dtube (Bye bye, Youtube).
  • Micro Blogging: Heard of @zappl? (Au revoir, Twitter)
  • Photo sharing: I present you @steepshot (Auf wiedersehen, Instagram)
  • Interactive Ask me Anything: Welcome @musing (Sayonara,
  • Funding and sponsoring projects: I´ll be damned, @fundition (Smell ya later, Patreon and Kickstarter)
  • Do you think Food Blogs are still in? Think again, we have @tasteem.
  • Decentralized Corporate approach: @oracle-d is here to represent Steem.
  • Wordpress? Hell Nah, we have @steempress-io

Do we have a DPorn? Do we need a DChan? Is it worthy to check out a Dstories (Like Snapchat and IG Stories?) Only the market will tell, but I now all these apps are just the beginning.

I could go on and on about how complete is the Steem Ecosystem and how we have what it takes to welcome the users who are tired of the Mainstream Social Media who only thinks of them as numbers, but I think my message is pretty clear here.

Steem is the Internet of the future. With all the dApps growth ratio and the tens of platforms and projects that appeared in 2018 - just a bit more than two years after Steem was launched - I think it´s safe to assume that by the end of 2019, we will have hundreds of different dApps and platforms effecetively providing an answer - or an option - to all those content creators who are completely tired of the Main Stream Media.

The question is, are you aware that you are an early adopter? Did you know that is our duty to spread the word about Steem and how it can literally change lives?

The issue is, are we ready for Mass Adoption? Only time will tell. One thing is certain, I´m doing everything I can to get one step closer to Mass adoption, are you in, or not?

Steem: Come for the money, Come back for the community, Stay for freedom and decentralization


Hallelujah! Preach it!! :)

I am sensing a big shift at the moment - must be the energies of the new year, but I'm feeling that mainstream people are becoming more open and interested. And also we - us in the cryptospace - are finding better words and better language to onboard them. There is more intentional communication happening.

Yesterday, an artist in a women's entrepreneur group posted a video, asking the community to weigh in on the way her and other artist's artwork is being censored on traditional social media (just because she drew a naked stick figure it's considered porn 🙄). So she decided to leave Facebook and was wondering where to go.

Nobody responded for a whole day, because nobody had answers or solutions. So when I saw her post, I told her about Steemit, D.Tube, and the Brave Browser (as an alternative to Patreon).

I did not mention the words crypto, bitcoin or blockchain at all. I only talked about censorship and lack thereof, community rewards, and decentralisation.

She got so excited; a whole new world opened up for her. She downloaded the Brave Browser, she watched all the videos on my youtube channel and I'm sure she's signed up to Steemit as well, right away. She totally dived in!
She was so grateful, because she thought she had to mobilize her whole artists community to reinvent the wheel. Now she knows that the world/society/economy she's craving, is already here.

Had I led with words like Bitcoin and Blockchain, I would have lost her interest right away.

We need to meet people where they are at, and show them how they - in their situation, in their business - can benefit from all things blockchain and decentralisation.

Unlike many mainstream people, artists and content creators have an actual problem that needs to be solved now. Their livelihood is at stake. Once they understand and begin benefiting from platforms like Steemit, they will become their biggest advocates and spread this to their communities.

I think this is going to be a BIG year when it comes to #decentralisation and adoption of platforms like ours.

Steem has a story why an average joe needs it besides buy this crypto-crap-token and become-rich-quick. And you still might become rich pretty quick by supporting it.

That is just such an amazing comment @connecteconomy

There is more intentional communication happening.

Mostly there is more awareness of what blockchain and crypto are about. LAck of this awareness was a huge problem.


Wow this is amazing. I mean really. We need the people to come to this platform not because of the money but because this is much better than FB or what ever.
That is why we suffering now because most of the users came here to earn and when they find out that for that you need to work hard than they are disapointed.
But wait a minute? Are they earn on fb? Huuupppsss
And here we are. This is what i wrote about in my new post today.
By the way great job i am really happy to see comments or posts like this😊

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I'm sure she's signed up to Steemit as well, right away.

Then I really hope she will be able to open an account ...


Long Live IDW

It's a great and detailed article about current internet and the future of internet. I never tried @steepshot and @musing though I heard about it before but surely going to give it a try. Few points you mentioned and one is about YouTube strict and monetization policy, yes people are looking for a better alternative that shouldn't be like this and I also think @Dtube is going to replace YouTube. We have to wait a bit and see what will happen in future. Thanks for this amazing post @anomadsoul
Happy new year.

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There are so many apps based on our Blockchain that we haven't heard from, we just need a proper place to inform people about them, that's one of the focus points we want to address with @steemonboarding. I'm certain that by the end of this year, there will be an app for every daily need or issue we have as people.

Indeed we need a full apps catalog.

And a FAQ for newcomers.

Help end the centralized internet faster by joining the Class Action against Facebook & Google at

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I hear facebook is working on a blockchain project. Will that not make facebook still relevant when other social media phase out? Also if facebook can come up with blockchain based platform that works efficiently, what will stop other social media platforms from replicating their efforts? They have the capital.

It will still be a centralized Blockchain project with unilateral decisions and working towards a board of investors and a political agenda. I'm not afraid at all about the FB Blockchain project. They'll find out all their investment will be for nothing. The key here is "Decentralization" and "freedom". An MSM Blockchain won't work, how are they going to censor and deplatform people? Forking the Blockchain every time someone they don't like speaks up? Don't think so. The Blockchain nature is decentralized, the MSSM nature is centralized.

If you don't desperately need a decentralized consensus mechanism - i.e. don't have a few parties that fundamentally dont trust each other but still desperately need to communicate then why bother with blockchain?

"Centralized blockchain" is an oxymoron. Worst of both world of centralization and decentralization.

Also telegram

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That was a very interesting read. I'm not sure how many people are frustrated with their chosen platforms (I stopped using the few I did use when I began using Steem over a year ago), but when they do get frustrated (or banned) they need to know we exist. All I ever hear about in mainstream news is Bitcoin. We need some sort of scandal in order to get mentioned on mainstream media so that millions of people will hear of us. It is true; we do have a lot of the things you mentioned and we could definitely use more on-boarding. I feel one of the biggest problems with getting new people into our system is that they get frustrated at the long wait for approval. There needs to be links from the main page to all the alternate ways to get an account.

Just one word. Partiko. 😉

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The first thing that Steem needs for mainstream adoption is the same convenience that the established platforms offer - and this is very hard to achieve. Even "just" developing mobile and web apps working as smoothly as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube is a hard task and needs a team of dozens if not hundreds of talented developers.
We don't have any Steem dApps with millions of dollars of venture capital backing like those Silicon Valley start ups that could hire these developers and even if we had that, most users would still choose YouTube over Dtube if it's pre-installed on their phone/TV and Steepshot over Instagram if this is where there friends post.
What we really need is innovation, creating social media platforms that don't exist in a similar form yet and that users are dying to use, not just cloning highly successful platforms and hoping that users will sacrifice convenience and leave their established platforms for the advantages that Steem based alternatives offer - 99% of users won't, even if these platform keep fucking up like they have in the past months.

While I may agree on your development points, yes our dApps are far from what can be accomplished with a several millions budget, the main alluring point for these users is the free of censorship and overall freedom of the Blockchain. Yeah, people who use a Platform to be in touch with their friends will be hard to migrate them to Steem, but imagine if we get Alex Jones and PewDiePie to join our Blockchain and create content here, can you imagine the number of people they would bring with them?

Agreed, convinience is hard to let go, but after all, if we bring the content creators here, the masses will follow them.

Onboarding doesn't work as it should.
And BTW. We already have Dporn.

I just started reading some of Life after Google. If you think about it, the average person only checks 3-4 websites each day, it's self-enforced myopia.

We've only just begin to explore the possibilities. The internet is dying for more diversification, regionality, speciality... and independence.

I'm in... but you knew that already. ;)

Of course I knew that! :)))

Hi @katrina-ariel! Great share. I am going to share it too! Hugs SteemSis 💕🎶

The vision is great and we have the base to capture a lot of the traffic caused by these issues. Unfortunatly we aren't ready for mass adoption yet. Onboarding is still a huge issue and people trying to sign up directly without assistance will get left waiting and frustrated. The majority of users earn little to nothing on any social media so we need to get that mentality of earning a fortune here out of people's heads when they join. Any earnings are a bonus not an expectation.

Our main selling point is the freedom we have here. The freedom of speech, freedom of choice and a wide range of apps on which to do so. I also think we will see a lot more apps in the next year which will be vital to creating a strong and vibrant ecosystem. What we need to do is spread the word and start bringing in the people. We need to guide those people and help them get settled so that they stay for the long haul.

We could also do with self contained apps that people can join through and focus on without touching the rest of the ecosystem first. Once they have an app they love and use natural curiosity will lead them to explore what else they can do on the chain.

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I think the trend is for communities to produce specialised STEEM front-ends that attract a userbase in of their own right. At first these are alternative-views-to-ALL-of-Steem, then we have the content production/consumption based front-ends, next we might have interest communities forming their own specialised front-ends. We're at a critical and exciting time for the STEEM ecosystem.

It is setting up to be a big year alright. Let's just hope that everything moves the way that we want it to. The first issue will be to fix the onboarding process as we are going nowhere until that happens. Probably done through the individual apps.

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Definetely IN. I love Steem. Its the future of the commoners. Love this @anomadsoul.
Happy new year!

Steem deserves more attention.
We need a better marketing to spread out this amazing social blockchain to the world.

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I am absolutely in! This is a great post to share externally as well! I will tweet it for more visibility! The Steem ecosystem continues to grow and provide decentralized solutions that the world has yet to realize how much they need!

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Yes! I'm going to share it on Facebook and Twitter and hopefully some others will do it too! Thank you for three comment and for sharing this in your social media muy friend.

Yes, @dporn is a thing. They need developers to help them with their website development.

And don't forget @vimm for livestreaming (Ditch Twitch, anyone?)

Dtube deletes our videos after some time. This approach will never replace YT.

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dTube stops pinning the video on IPFS. There is undoubtedly a problem here that needs resolving; who pays for the storage long-term. YT/Google is happy to do so for YT vidoes. IPFS / dTube does not yet have easy tools to allow the masses to pin (aka store and serve) videos of content creators they enjoy. It's easy to ask for "free" stuff. Somebody is paying somewhere.

Same problem is for DSound deleting files but they say they are working on some solutions.

@dtube is taking beneficiary rewards. Earlier it was something like 25%. Now maybe it's less but still... In order to lead it anywhere long-term, they should consider changes in the way they operate.

STEEM is great with a lot of working DApps like,, spill, etc and Partiko (the best steem DApp on mobile). But STEEM have problem of adding new user. can't do the job well for registration, some I knew have waited so long without any reply so they gave up. I hope Steem Ninja service at with a $2 dollar registration can solve the problem. Need more to add new user.

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Several friends, which I recently tried to convince to join STEEM, already failed during the registration process ... so I fully agree with you.

The Steem more than a business is becoming a philosophy, a "religion", and a new worldview. And that is a very good think, it means that we are a disruptive idea, we are ahead of our time.

Thanks for reminding us the beauty of our Steemit ecosystem. Of all the messy things that are happening right now, your post have put me back on the rail. Steem on!!!

Now people are taking interest in Decentralized platforms it is good for all steemians because more user more growth in community which is very great

Do we have a DPorn?

Yes, we can answer it.

Yo te escribiré mi respuesta en español porque igual la entenderas jeje ;)

Sabes que tienes absolutamente toda la razon, me encanta la manera en la que expones el problema, y como justo en el momento donde dices:

Todo se está desmoronando ante nuestros ojos. Espero que estas personas encuentren un nuevo lugar donde puedan navegar, crear contenido e interactuar sin temor a ser censurados, castigados y desinformados ...

Oh espera. Si recuerdo correctamente, el Ecosistema Steem tiene todo eso y más, ¿verdad?

Me relaje, pues me tenias a la expectativa.

Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, pero sabes que tengo una gran duda, he leido muchisimo esa frase "plataforma descentralizada", pero a veces cuando veo ciertas acciones de algunas personas creo que es mentira, osea cuando ciertas personas empiezan a flaggear a otras solo por no estar de acuerdo con lo que opina o expone en su post o simplemente porque su "enemigo" le dio un voto positivo a ese post, la verdad ya hace tiempo que no lo veo, pero habia un usuario que era bastante molesto con eso.

A decir verdad en mi opinión personal, creo que facebook es una porqueria, asi de simple pues aparte de vender nuestra información privada también influye demasiado en la opinión de las personas de acuerdo a alguna situación, puede manipular masas para ponerlas a favor o en contra de algo o alguien, eso es lo que he visto y además, que no es justo que si vende la información de sus usuarios y hace toneladas de dinero con eso, sus usuarios no tengan ningún tipo de beneficio, solo publicidad y basura.

Yo siempre he pensado que Steem no escapa de la realidad del mundo real, pero lo que me encanta de esta plataforma es que es real, si puedes hacer lo que te gusta y obtener un beneficio real, la verdad no creia en eso hasta que conocí esta plataforma y me mostró que las criptomonedas son reales, yo en lo personal prefiero mil veces Steemit que cualquier otra plataforma, y Dtube me encanta, siempre he querido iniciarme alli, pero no he tenido las herramientas necesarias, pero espero algun dia poder hacerlo, porque subi unos videos a youtube pero lo hice por hobbie la verdad y me fue bastante bien.

Yo soy de venezuela, y me gustaría que todos los jóvenes en las escuelas y liceos conocieran Steemit porque hay niños talentosos que hacen un gran trabajo y creo que les vendría muy bien empezar acá, me gustaría en un futuro promover steemit en las unidades educativas, creo que tendria un impacto positivo para los jovenes, la comunidad de venezolanos en steemit no es mas grande aun solo porque muchos aun no lo conocen.

Te mando un fuerte abrazo, y cabe destacar que soy fiel admiradora de lo que haces y sueño con crecer tanto como lo has hecho tu, ;) soñar no cuesta nada ¡jajaja!

Some other social media sites are so stressful to use. I am looking forward to the day where steemit will be a regular ecosystem to internet nuts. I spend so much time on Facebook posting content and commenting on fora to no avail. Here I find posts and comments with real sense.

Steemit is like...all in one package. Only decentralised. And still pretty unknown... If you ask one dude, if he had heard of Steem, he will say oh sure, I play games there :D , buying and selling items from cs:go ...

thank you for share this informations thats interesting i love steem

I liked your detailed description of the steem network.
But there is only one problem and thats I cannot buy everything using steem or bitcoin.
Secondly except for america other countries don't allow you to get real cash for you steem or bitcoin.
But hoping that one day it will become possible in India too.

Yeah. Pretty decent write-up. The next step in the evolution of internet.

I’m all the way in....and have been since about the time you got started! I have brought several people to the Steem blockchain and all of them have bought Steem and use the blockchain. Just think of every person who has a Steemit acct could introduce 1 person per month to’s huge moves.

Oh yeah!
And Steemit is still on its beta phase.
A lot of exciting things still to happen.
Mass adoption is a huge factor I guess.

I love your analysis. Steem will be great if everyone decides to work together for one purpose. Where the whales are willing to help the small fishes and not to suppress and oppress their lives.

Let's make steem more decentralized by being a helper to one another.

Come for the money, stay also for it's growth!

Interesting thanks - if not a little cynical, but a great read.

I have been saying for a while that things are going this way. I don't know how many times I have been laying in bed at night on my phone with virtually the world at my finger tips and I look at my wife and say "there is nothing to do on the Internet". It is exciting that Steem could possibly be the place that these users who are being disenfranchised by the traditional Internet flock to.

Thanks for your post, it's very interesting and also somewhat strange.

I've been on Steemit for months yet I've never even heard of these other platforms(other than dtube), and if I hadn't found this post I still wouldn't know about them and probably never would have found them.

Maybe I'm missing something but I suspect I'm not the only one.
How or where do people learn about these things? Obviously these platforms are unlikely to thrive if no one knows about them?

Que bueno vamos por buen camino. con las esperanzas de que esto mejorará.

Oh espera. Si recuerdo correctamente, el Ecosistema Steem tiene todo eso y más, ¿verdad?

Damn you hit the nail on the head with so many points on these current social media platforms. It’s crazy to think that the internet won’t be around the way it used to be we’re evolving into something new with this crypto space. It’s always a good feeling to be early to the party but I agree it’s on us to help push the platform to the masses so that people know where to go once they leave those other platforms. It’s funny my goal is to leave those other platforms completely in this new year.

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Absolutely right Sir and I hope we will help each other to keep steemit long lasting future @anomadsoul

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this post is nice

Hello everyone!

Been thinking about doing more #steem-promo in our blockchain community in #calgary #yyc for these reasons. My kids have been watching PewDiePie for years. I don't know what to make of the guy... LOL is he independent or guided by the elite. Would be great if a guy like him endorsed the Steem platform woah! Been thinking that since i got into Steem. Cheers! Great article!! Can see why it's earned $200+ in upvotes. 🎶🌅

Posts that are very enlightening.
computer discovery makes humans more effective at work, and internet networks emerge which increasingly make people more active in using them. With the emergence of various social media, the world has lost its boundaries, the deadline and the state, so that users of social media use it for various interests, both personal, social, economic and even religious. then we are tricked by the ability of social media networks to devote and even use it to disseminate inappropriate information. and unfortunately, then the site manager becomes a data seller. While the users have entrusted everything on social media, we cannot have power when the data and content on our account is distributed to other parties.
Luckily now we are in a steemit ocean that has more filters and adequate security on a blockchain basis so that the bus becomes the hope of leading social media in the future. Sya is proud to be joining steemit. Various benefits I get, I know many good people with creativity who guaranteed their originality. Support from all parties, and what is equally great is that we are rewarded.
I am happy become member of future social media ecosystem

Thank you @anomadsoul
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

To answer that burning question... yes we do have a DPorn! 😂 (Link very NSFW of course)... but Steem based!

I wish Zappl wasn’t seemingly defunct. Absolutely love Fundition, SteepShot, SteemPress, Steem Monsters... For every successful project there will be dozens of failures, but traction is being gained for certain.

I am already tasted each one of me.....these dapps are awesome.👍 So I am already seeing future or setting my foot around Steem Ecosystem. Where we have everything of our own.

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Very well said. I would also add that Google is a barrier to content creation. You can create world class content, but unless you pay Google for keyword placement, you are not likely to show in the results. It is a highly centralized internet and Google does not promote quality, it promotes marketing.

Steemit decentralizes content search and truly rewards content creators who deliver quality.

Tumblr getting rid of its NSFW was the dumbest business idea of the year :) I agree that the world is changing 5G will bring a big shift as well.

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Great article. There is so much potential here at all our fingertips on Steem, I only hope we are able to capitalize on this opportunity. As a cohesive pool of talent we can accomplish so much together if we leaves our egos aside and get to work

If the wholesale internet thing will transfer to steem blockchain how much power witness need to make it work smoothly...

very good, and really need to be tried

Steem blockchain is a new way of thinking and we are moving in the right direction.

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I would disagree in some areas with that theory, see my post "Steemit & open, linked data"

We will have confidence in Steem and believe that it will develop better and better. Each of us is witnessing the growth of Steem. Come on, my friend!

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Excelente articulo que nos lleva a pensar la gran responsabilidad que se tiene en lo que sea hace en esta comunidad de cara al futuro.

This post is dead on...

This post is dead on...

This post is dead on...

This post is dead on...

This post is dead on...

Hey, I saw you played a steemgar game, killed the opponent 3 times but didn't actually win the match? What happened, didn't you stay until the end or?

Great post. Added to fav on parkito and will share across these dying platforms in the morning

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Honestly as a newbie, I am quite confused about steemit myself, especially because I thought Steemit is just a kind of blog system, then I've just known that there are also DTube, etc, and I have no idea wether it is in different environment or the same one. Perhaps IMHO instead of making Steemit looks complicated with the crypto or blockchain things, Steemit should create user friendly apps that won't make the newbie user need to learn too much and can use Steemit as convenience as twitter, facebook, etc,and better content obviously.. Too much consumer learning will make consumer prefer common platform.

Actually a quality post, I enjoyed this year it is annoying how much social media is conforming to leftist society. The good 60 they say more like the asses.

Dear @anomadsoul

Excellent choice of topic. But Im not sure what do you really mean that internet is dying. Internet is way more than exchanging content on social media platforms, isn't it?

The question is, are you aware that you are an early adopter?

We all are. Isn't quite exciting?

I've heard many people saying that all centralized social media are being affected by censorship.

It may as easily happend with Steemit, busy or any other platform. Your data can be stored on STEEM blockchain but may not be shown (because you may be banned) on any of those platforms. or perhaps im wrong?

This is issue I've been discussing with some friends lately and till now I'm a bit confused. We all know that STEEM (as a blockchain) cannot be censored. But Steemit is centralized front-end and it can be easily forced to censor some content.

Am I right or perhaps I'm very wrong?


There will always be people who prefer centralisation over decentralisation, that is the world we live in. What we have here on the blockchain caters for all the round pegs that will not fit into the square holes the squares use. We need to think of ways to protect our internet niche from invasion. All the aspects of the #steemit, #dtube and #steempress-io and all the others you mentioned will hopefully keep us safe when everything else goes down, but we certainly don’t want a mainstream immigration influx. While there is room for growth, we need selective growth.
I live in an alternative country area of Australia and I recently wrote an article about #steemit in a local newspaper (I write a technology article each issue)
I chose to do this because the alternative lifestyle readers are just the kind of folk that love this platform and hate the mainstream social media. I also wrote a post about this a few weeks ago but as I am new it didn’t reach many readers here. The article may have instigates some new signups hopefully.
I love it here, I came not for the money but for the decentralised nature of the blockchain and the broad and varied community of great people who appreciate what’s important in life. Let’s all grow together🙏

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great post..

just the links to the replacement apps is a bonus..

Great summing up of ALL that we already have to offer - while the 'traditional' social media offer less and less, worse: are basically saying f*ck you to all their loyal users!

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

I agree that the new internet will be P2P and blockchain-based. I've seen mesh internet (especially cell) technologies coming down the pipeline for a long time. I'm not entirely convinced that Steem is the end-all for it though. There are a ton of blockchain-based content platforms out there, and the marketplace is going to be very different in another decade.

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Great article! I wanted to introduce this article to Japanese people.

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I totally agree with you. The Internet has shown us the voice but comes late in the race, exhausted.
He shows today these defaults, there is only to look at the problem this year with facebook.
The people today want to be future leaders, to be actors in their lives. And decentralization is the first step in this tremendous change.
Steemit knew all that, the crypto too.
Today we can believe that in a short time, crypto will provide an alternative solution to monetary problems.
Even if governments slow down its arrival, crypto has its place in our everyday life. Steemit, not these numerous solution and creation, brings a stable and durable solution to most of the needs of the Net.
Little is missing for the explosion to affect more people

Buen artículo!!! Estoy 100% de acuerdo con lo que dices. Por pura lógica, Steem ya tiene un ecosistema preparado para sustituir la centralización perversa de caralibro, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc... Ahora sólo cabe esperar que la lógica se acomode en el cerebro de las masas. Eso parece automático, pero no es así. Los humanos somos seres de costumbres y aunque veas algo mejor, cuesta soltar determinadas costumbres.
Un saludo y feliz 2019!!
Steem On!

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Very inspiring!

If only I can ignore the present challenges and issues that currently plagues Steem.

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I really hope you are correct

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I commit myself to help in the early adoption of steem to as many people I can onboard with.

At first we are lured by the money, but as i continue to read, watch people in the platform, some maturity took place in me, (like what you have said) I love the community, the idea of decentralization and eventually freedom!

It is a learning experience, and I love learning.
I am here to serve and to support the steem blockchain.

Great article. I wasn't aware of some the other sites such as @zappl or @oracle-d. Thanks for quality content.

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