The Thing about Followers and Comments- D grade writers' rumblings

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It's no mystery, that people put on masks to cover their true feelings. For example I am most of the time threated as a piece of thrash by people and nobody gives me even a little bit of respect. Most of the time you wouldn't notice that, since I am a great actor and I can hide those  feelings. However just because I can hide, that doesn't mean that they disappear. Those things are like pests ripping apart every piece of happiness. Hell, I developed a social anxiety. To this day when I want to say/write something, I have to muster my energy and stop fearing what people thing about every word I am able to produce.

Go ahead! Imagine not being able to feel happiness or love to another person! And when you are trying to tell people about your feelings, they are going to brush you of and call you a drama queen, beacuse they are to busy thinking about themselves. They don't want to waste their "precious" time dealing with your stuff. Heck, They think you are just making those  things up just to make yourself unique. Are they crazy? Who would wwant to go through all that pain and suffering.

Each thing I am able to do, every small or big success, is important for me. This should give you an insight into my mind.

Now imagine you are in my shoes. You are a giant pile of nerves, which gets crazy over every small detail. I have been on this  platform for over a  year. I was able to even make some acquaintances. I reached 100 subscribers and got some upvotes on my posts. Yes, it felt slightly weird, that I only got 1 or 2 upvotes on my posts, but hey I thought, maybe my posts aren't just good enough. The time went and more and more followers were following me, however the amount of upvotes and comments did not change at all. 

That just felt weird to me. WHY WOULD PEOPLE BOTHER TO FOLLOW A PERSON, WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN READ THAT PERSON'S CONTENT? I stopped posting for a few months, as I was busy with the work.

Then one day I am reading threw my feed here on Steemit and saw a post from @bigdeej  and inspired by this post, I started writing again. After posting my first post after the hiatus a miracle happened. Out of nowhere I got around 60 new followers. Indeed, for a measly level 40 it was a miracle. With each new post I gained more and more followers. I thought great, more readers for my content. Oh, how fucking stupid I was! Nothing changed. I am getting the same amount of upvotes like before the hiatus and only people, who comment under my posts, are me, the same guys, who commented under my posts before the hiatus and bots.

Again I have to ask. WHY WOULD PEOPLE BOTHER TO FOLLOW A PERSON, WHEN THEY DON'T EVEN READ THAT PERSON'S CONTENT? I am not saying, that you should religiously follow everything, the poster does, but you should choose to follow the steemer, because you like their content. Not because an outsider promises you to give money. 


Or maybe look to deep into it. Maybe, just maybe most of the people I surround myself with are like that. Who knows maybe I am just unlucky and I missed the nice ones.          


I too have seen my number of follows ratchet up substantially after a post, sometimes mere seconds after it's gone live. I think the logic behind all those auto-follows is that if you program your bot to follow a whole slew of people, you can monitor all those accounts, and when there's a major upswing in activity, tell your bot to vote and get it on some of that curation action.

Otherwise, I have no idea what would possess someone to want to be following hundreds or even thousands of people. If they post regularly, there's no way you can possibly read, enjoy, or curate all of that content.

I don't think there's any real reason, it's just people trying to game the system. I may have over 600 followers, but it's basically the same dozen or so people who vote and comment on my content. I'm lucky enough to get @curie votes from time to time, and I think that pulls on more robo-followers. I also know a number of people who follow me have stopped using Steemit, or at least left the platform for a while. There's no way to 'drop' those followers, so they linger in a sort of limbo: both here and not here at the same time.

We grow as a community by introducing new people and continuing to put forth a positive effort. One real follower is worth one hundred bots, after all. Create content people want to read and resteem, and we reap the rewards. :)

It's weird. I have been here for a year, but I still think, that it works here like on Youtube. You like the content some makes, so you follow him and upvote. But all those bots man. I am telling ya. I wouldn't be surprised if I started pointing guns on steemers while asking them, if they are replicants or humans. :D

You are not being ignored. It's all about finding the rite audience.
Giving up is simply not a solution to any problem in the world.
Weak people complains and the strong one keep fighting, these are some of the comical explanations.

I am simply not a great mentor here but the thing i found on your blog is simply the things that still doesn't gets much appreciation on steem platform. And your posting frequency also seems low. I m not a judge here but because you seems disappointed, I wanna add my view.

And that is don't give up. and keep doing what you are doing.
I can't help much but i will try to do what i can do.
I will try to resteem your post that i will find interesting in future.

Respect for all, No offence

If you came here and decided to stay for yourself, to share the information you have with those who are actively developing here, what difference do you have to your followers? I do not follow anyone, but I read the articles of users who love me and sometimes leave a comment. People come and go from here, just keep writing and your reader will find you. I'm sure your articles are read by thousands of people, and whether or not everyone has the right to vote. Do not stop there, once your work will be appreciated.

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