Invest and Spend Time at Once on Steem Blockchain

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Never depend on a single income, make an investment to create a second source. On #Steem Blockchain, we can create more crypto sources. Invest in time while spend it because the user activity on Steem like an other social media for having fun!

Keep Steem On!


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@steem.leo a platform for a community investor


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NICE! I am investing my time on this platform to earn.

Is ZZAN one of those 'anything goes' content tags like PalNet? I'm not sure.. but have a small stake in it. Don't want to misuse it. How about SCT.., is that the same?

ZZAN is like palnet without specific topic.


For SCT, I'm not use it anymore because so hard to earn. I replace SCT tag with SteemLeo for invesment related content.

Basically, SCT is for crypto-blockchain related content.

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Basically, SCT is for crypto-blockchain related content.

Thanks, I wasn't sure about either, it's tough keeping on top of them all.

Maybe I'm gonna be rich, coz I'm investing 'too much' time here in steemit. :)

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