Wedge of Aiud [mystery]

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Many events in this world that still can not be explained by science, although it has been done research long enough. Many things are still a mystery and even difficult to solve in an era that is considered to have the latest tools in modern times.

Wedge of Aiudatau

Wedge of Aiudatau Pasak Aiud is an artifact that has not been recognized until now. The aluminum wedge of Aiudatau was found in Aiud, Romania in 1970. This artifact still has many mysteries that are very difficult to investigate, this artifact was discovered when building a project at that time.

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How not to find artifacts that have been thousands of years old, who as knowledge of the world record explains that no one can make aluminum at that time. The new aluminum was created or produced in 1885. The possibility of a lost civilization at that time was simply destroyed by the natural disaster that befell them. What a mystery this invention is. if this can be solved then we will know what civilization has been more advanced in antiquity.

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nice post, many mystery not yet break it


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