Tragedy of Steem. Why the best blockchains loose the rally in long term?

in steem •  5 months ago 

I registered on Steemit 2 years ago and started my invesstments for $2-1.5 price. I bought and relaxed feeling my funds are safe and give me a lot of income. I wasn't much surprised seeing Steem at $8 for 1 Steem in 2018 because I expected it.

Then dark times appeared. Now I see Steem at 0.4$. That was the top-5 coin for nearly first 2 years of its existence. I am the most devoted member because I never powered down for 2 years. I can have passive income by gaining new Steem. That nearly balances out all my possible investment losses.

Another good blockchains go down while something like ATOM grows despite no new suggestions and having the same bags as other blockchain. Bitcoin is slow and not good technically as well. It seems to me that only good ads can make things go well.

Anyway, I stay positive and bullish on Steem price and hope we all meet happy future!

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