60 SBD Mega Giveaway Contest: new milestone-60 Reputaion score!

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The time will come! You have helped me hit the 60 reputation (profile) score on Steem!
Hitting this number has been a goal of mine since my start back in December of last year and I am excited to see what the future holds.

I could not have hit this milestone without you, my loyal follower, and without the help of @dtube, @dlive, @jerrybanfield, and many others who supported me over these past 5 months.

Let this milestone serve as an encouragement to you my friend. One of the reasons I set this goal is to show others that it is possible. You can do whatever you put your mind to.

With that said...help me celebrate!

60 Reputation Score.PNG

To be entered in the contest, please complete ALL of the following:

1.Upvote this post
2.Leave a thoughtful comment below
3.Resteem this post
4.And follow @aneesmalik
That's it! Super easy!
Thank you guys again for helping me achieve this milestone...you guys rock!
Can't wait to see you in the next vlog. Until next time, remember...YOU ARE AWESOME!

Take care.


i was going to leave an upvote. but as it turns out, the reputation of this profile is in fact level 25. further inspection reviels there is little to no SBD or Steem in the wallet associate with this account. finally this account has only been on steem since may 2018.

this is not a resteem, so i am left to wonder if this is a fraud to gain upvotes or plagiarized from someone else's post. either way, it is dishonest and is going to be flagged.

pleas upvote me

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