SIP - Can Steem add a zero-knowledge layer for transfers?

in steem •  2 years ago

Zcash has launched on Friday and it's trading with crazy prices in a combination of hype and very low availability due to the slow start mining, making the coins currently available a little above 2k at the moment.

Bitcoin is climbing like crazy, cyclic growth schedules, banks adoption etc. It's moon-ing and all the alts are tanking, including Ethereum. To try and save ETH, Vitalik mentioned that they are looking to include Zcash level transaction anonymity on the Ethereum chain which is a great idea, even though it's mostly aimed at stopping the dumps and huge interest decrease in ETH since its value is close to 10$ now.

And here comes a thought:

Zero-knowledge crypto transfers is the new kid in town and it's grabbing all the attention. @dantheman, is this on the pipeline? Will it spark more interest into the Steem blockchain? Should it be prioritized?
Just my 2 cents..


I haven't been very active on Steemit lately due to a lot of personal projects but I've been more active on, plus, I'm super excited about being in Amsterdam next week for #steemfest!! w00t!

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