BTC price hits high but steem and sbd nothing

in steem •  10 days ago  (edited)

The price of btc is now 10000 usd dollar up but the price of steem and sbd do not rise like btc. According to past experience if btc stays in such value the value of steem and sbd must be over 3 usd but nothing happened.

What is the cause behind the problem?

I think investors are not interested to invest on these coins. If we invest more the problem will be solved very soon. For example last four month ago btc came down 3000 usd but now it bears the value of 10500 usd. Do not worry, steem
will hit again 3 usd. It is only possible if we invest on that site. Unless we are not reach our higher aspiration.

What is the present condition of steemit?

After updating the conditions of steemit much batter than previous times. steemit authority is highly conscious of the site. The are always working to improve and develop the site.

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I just bought a significant amount on Binance and then realized that deposits and withdraws are disabled. I think checked other exchanges listed on coinmarketcap some had trading disabled since mid-August. Once these exchanges finish upgrading their wallets / nodes and exit maintenance mode, I expect the price of steem to jump significantly