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Dear steemians, 

During these month i learned how really the reward system of Steemit works and how i need to optimise it!

All depends on how fast you wanna get your growth goals. But i manage to put some of the rules that i want to share with my followers!

1 Rule: Content is king

Try to get a list of content points every post and logically build on that. Not copying but content that is aligned with your follower interest.

There are no tricks though... just write good content

and you'll get noticed soon

2 Rule: Don't power down too often

You should stop the powering down so your steem power remain high so you still have upvote power.

3 Rule: Be Lean

Understand fast what your followers prefers or what you are getting wrong so you can get direction. How? start with shorter articles. Like this would be a great way to see if what you type interests other people

Very important is also to understand the difference between STEEM Tokens, Steem Dollars, Steem Power. An awesome video what created from Andrew Levine: 

Let me know what are your Rule and how is your strategy. I love sharing tricks with this great community.

Happy steeming



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You don't like it @amarvaran? It would be great to have your feedbacks so i can improve for the next time @amarvaran.

Hopefully with this great content I can grow my channel!

Thanks @co0pz97 ! Which rule do you think is more appropriate in your case?

good article
keep it up