The Problem With Facebook

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Yesterday I posted about two Presidential candidates from opposite sides of the aisle talking about censhorship on social media platforms like Facebook. While these problems are certainly never going to go away, this feels like an especially unique opportunity to spread the word about Steem as it is a perfect example of how centralization and censorship are not "left" or "right" issues. That's why I created the following video which I hope you will share on external social media so that the public can gain a better understanding of the nature of the problem, and how Steem is uniquely positioned to accelerate progress in the right direction.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 11.02.15 AM.png

From The Video

Facebook has had a lot of problems over the years from hacks, to election scandals, and now Elizabeth Warren and Ted Cruz are talking about censorship on the platform. At Steemit we saw this problem coming over 2 years ago which is why we designed and launched the first, and now most used, open source decentralized blockchain protocol built from the ground up to power web applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Because it’s open source, that means no one owns it; it belongs to the public. Because it’s decentralized, that means no one controls it, or the content stored on it. And because it’s on a blockchain, that means your account, and your content, belong only to you.

The Real Problem: Control

People are finally starting understand that this isn’t about left or right. When a tiny group of people control all the information, and choose what gets seen and what gets hidden, we all lose. Elizabeth Warren thinks that breaking up Facebook is the solution, but that won’t change the fact that a tiny group of people will still have total control and ownership over your information. That doesn’t just mean that they determine what other people see of yours, but you see from other people, and that danger can be even insidious because you don’t know, what you can’t see.

Breaking Up Facebook?

The argument for breaking up Facebook, or any tech company, is really about decentralization. Not having any ONE organization in control, but instead, putting control back where it belongs: in your hands. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, their monopolies only exist, in our minds. Alternatives … exist … today, but the only ones that are open source, decentralized, and using blockchain technology to secure digital ownership are Powered by Steem. But since Steem was specifically built to power web applications, if you don’t like any of the apps that currently exist, any web developer could launch their own in a matter of days by using all of the open source software that already exists.

To learn more about how you can become a part of the movement, go to and check out to see the most used blockchain-powered social application in the world. For a list of more amazing Steem applications, go to and Steem On.

Head of Communications & Advocacy, Steemit

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Ohhh you're doing great leveraging this - I'm happy and proud to see it. Quick actions! I'm off sharing on Twitter now. Steem on!


Thanks! And thanks for helping out! I've seen you on Twitter and really appreciate all you're doing on there to spread the word about Steem. You're a great example for other Steem users!


Thanks! These actions make it easy for me to spread the word - keep on doing a great job! :D

Impressive presentation skills. Right on the money with current events and the value proposition. This is ideal professional marketing material to spread around. More please.


Great article. I’ll be sharing the video. Steem is definitely the solution, but Facebook is huge and you are right that breaking it up won’t solve the problem.
What is needed is a transfer of the value locked up in Facebook to all the people on Steem and involved in the Crypto industry generally.

This is what the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google is designed to do. Signup at if you want part of Facebook & Google’s market cap transfered to you!


Good to know, and thanks!

People are finally starting understand that this isn’t about left or right.

I am not sure, most are little drones and bots unable to think by themselves... they saw girls with mac laptop and swarmed to buy them, they saw the girls on facebook and again, same for insta and co... they don't ask questions, nor seek answers... most but not all.
free range cattle have more free will than most humans...

If you want another example of a problem of a small group of people having control over social media platforms you could talk about Google shutting down Google+. G+ was never Facebook-level huge, but for people like me who formed connections there having Google yank the rug out from under us really sucks.


Great point!

I saw the dangers of Facebook a few months after it started, when they began forcing people to submit their real ID's. I closed my account immediately and never looked back. The rest is history, their repeated abuses kept getting worse, yet, they're still around. It puzzles me that people ignore how enslaved they are to social media.


Companies rarely die overnight. They have an inertia to them. Even Blackberry is still around. They die slowly from the inside out. Only after enough time has gone by does it become obvious that its peak is in the past. It might not even be the case that Facebook has yet reached its peak. I've heard it's still actually growing. But one day it will peak, then decline, then die, and something will have to take its place. Which is actually pretty ideal because it turns out blockchains are tough to scale, lol. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for Facebook, only time will tell.


I would love to believe that, but I'm afraid FB has joined the league of the "too big to fail" corporations. Plus, they have insidious tactics to snare and addict kids/teenagers to use their platform; the next generation is already being brainwashed. It will be very difficult to shake them up and awaken their minds. What bothers me is, despite all the controversies and abuses, governments haven't shut it down. All they do is theatrical hearings, a slap on the wrist, then everything is back to business the next day. I highly doubt Warren or Cruz will make any difference whatsoever.

Nice dude!
I'm really glad it's becoming part of the general mainstream conversation, and with the US elections coming up, it's only going to get more and more exposure... unless, of course, Facebook, Google and Amazon bury it.

Very well done and excited to see you making content again, you’re quite good at it you know 😉

I think I’ll share this on twitter and Facebook...

@andrarchy, Every era travelled with both Problem and Solution. So, in my opinion if in this era Facebook is becoming problem then Steem Blockchain will going to become the perfect solution. Stay blessed.

I understand your position. But I believe that even following ideals, and being extreme adept of Steem, we can't take facebook as enemies. Already knowing, stay close to your friend, but closer to your enemy. Steem should have more ways to integrate Facebook pages. Steemit could campaign there! We have people from all over the world here! I'm from @Brazilians, we can show it it's time to use the community that shapes it! together we are stronger. We identify with Steem, we wear the shirt, not with facebook. The face we only use, we have to take the seed of Steem in all social networks! But we need more more collaborative work organized by Steemit INC. Use the strength we have, the power of the social! Thanks for Steemit and Steem! Steem on! Steem to the Sky!


I actually agree. Facebook has strengths and weaknesses, and positive change can always be made ... especially through Steem integration ;)


that would be kind of unfortunate ... hard to say if the gov would ever take action if the economy crashes to break up the FANGS monopolies in a bid to jumpstart the economy andjobs


Yes, i agree with what you say. My comment is to get organized against this, as a Steem community, in coordinated actions, advertising the steem platform in all networks. But someone has to coordinate, in a collaborative way, different from the governments.

Really a great article, everyone should share this.



Good article. I think maybe it will be very helpful to collect info for the article: the problem with Steemit so as to further improve the users' experiences here.


We are always keeping track of user feedback and developing plans for improving the user experience not just on, but on the Steem blockchain generally. Thanks for the feedback!

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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On twitter are massive heads-up about steem, @nathanmars is doing a good job towards this, well contribute any best way we can


I'm well aware of all the great work @nathanmars is doing on twitter!

It's a good video that's simple and to the point. Going forward to get non tech people in the whole system will need to be shown in a simplified manner.

Whatever front end that might be but people want quick and easy. They will only come if it's instant log in and doesn't need a tutorial. To be fair since I've joined 2 years ago there has been big strides taken towards that.

It is now much easier to join and use the chain today than when I started so that's a good sign.

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With the rumours making the rounds with regards to facebook stepping into the blockchain phenomenon, do you think they might not be looking at ways to ease the pressure on them concerning their use of user info and all that?
Is it possible for facebook to make their processes decentralized?


Anything is possible, but their entire business is built around a centralized model. It's what enables them to support so many users and so much activity, which enables them to make a lot of money through ads. Decentralization requires giving up a lot of control, and increasing costs dramatically. It means becoming a totally different business, and most businesses have difficulty surviving even when they are just maintaining their existing model. Those businesses that do survive major technological shifts, like Apple, typically do so by totally transforming themselves, but most die in during that process.


I hope so too. Facebook better keep up their good work. 😂


From what I've read and listened to on ivanontech the Facebook coin will most probably be a stable coin used to drive a merchant economy. Facebook are so entrenched in their 'money hungry ways' in regards to data that I can't see them giving up that racket... Much to their detriment and our (steem) benefit.

I'm hopeful at the moment that we can turn prominent heads toward steem @warpedpoetic and maybe push adoption of this Blockchain 🙂

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Great new format, @andrarchy. The blog post in combination with the video is really good!


Thanks, hope you hung in there for the plug! ;)


Of course. :P

Though, it would be good to have a hyperlink â:For a list of more amazing Steem applications, go to []( and Steem On.

Great post, it's been great to see communication improve the last few months and see

STEEM perform better.


Thanks! Appreciate it!

Excellent work! We just have to tread carefully. FB and their ilk are all government owned and run as most here are well aware, and more people on their platform are coming to realize. Governments, particularly in the US, don’t like people stepping on their turf despite the need/ability to do so. I’m sure they are well aware of us here and with the hopefully coming to the end of the bear crypto market, many will be as well so they will naturally flock over to us here.

I think now is the best time to advertise in the manner you have with this post/video. Especially since we’ve had several very successful app launches in the past 6-9 months.

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Steem being a viable alternative as the traditional players continue to become under scrutiny will provide our community the ability to demonstrate the strength of decentralization and the benefits it brings to the community through transparency and the ability for attention to be rewarded for efforts. Great to see consistent content from you! Thanks!

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great write up. off to twitter I go with this.
@andrarchy :)

Interesting that there would be a DDoS attack the same day this hits mainstream social media. Maybe a coincidence...

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Hi andrarchy, great work bringing steem into the conversation between these two political figures.

I will share this on twitter asap... I would share it on Facebook but they've shadow banned me already for sharing my steem content and tagging friends who'd asked me to tag then so they could keep track with my writing.

I pretty much boycott fbook because of there actions but it is a shame now we have a concerted marketing drive happening as I'd love to have some impact sharing steem with the 500 friends I have on fbook.

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