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Hi guys, do you have any idea why it would not reveal my keys Active, Owner and Memo? Please help @justyy @steemchiller @steemhunt or any witness here. Really need your help guys :(


What do you mean by

it would not reveal my keys Active, Owner and Memo?

Do you want to see the Private Keys for your account? You also can use the Key Generator on SteemWorld to reveal all your keys, if you know your Master Password.

thanks for the quick reply @steemchiller

Yes I want to see my private keys in my account

It wouldnt reveal when I try to click the reveal. When I click the reveal button, a popup login appears. I then use my posting key for login and after that nothing will happen.

You can't use the Posting Key to reveal a higher key. You need to use your Master Password there. I would recommend that you store your higher keys in a safe place (offline) and only use them as needed.

You also can use the Steem KeyChain addon for your browser to securely access your Private Keys and for signing transactions without typing in your keys on a website.

I havent set some master password in my account. Where can I set my master password?

In the registration process you received the Master Password for your account. All Private keys a derived from that password. If you don't know your Master Password or Private Owner Key, it is impossible to recover your account or change your current keys.

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