I am hopefull for steem

in steem •  2 months ago

I have graphed out where steem has been since the explosion in late 2017 and we have been on a constant downturn BUT we have also formed a pattern as we decline. If it choses to follow this pattern we should geta bounce soon and then an upturn that will continue till about the 30,000 sat point.

I am hopeful it will start up again but I am also prepared to buy if it continues to dip. Hopefully luck is on our sides here.

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Wealth is not made with luck. There needs to be an underlying reason why Steem is valuable. I believe it is due to high quality content that draws more and more people to view it, watch it, listen to it, engage with it, etc.

The long term potential is enormous for Steem. Read this and it may help you: https://steemit.com/money/@k0d3g3ar/want-to-be-rich-change-this-one-bad-habit