Join Hands To Get Steem Listed On Netcoins

in #steem3 years ago

Forget about the dip; let’s move Steem over the moon. You can help Steem to get more visibility through your vote. Steem will attract more investors and users when it is listed on more exchanges. Consequently, its value will rise.
Read the post by @oracle-d about the exchange vote competition. The voting process is easy. Just follow the guidelines in his post when you visit the link below to vote.

Vote here:

Support steem by resteeming @oracle-d's post on Netcoin vote competition and make posts to encourage other steemians to vote steem. Tag your friends and encourage them to vote. Besides, you can take this campaign to your social media platforms. You can make videos encouraging people to vote for steem.

Remember to vote every 24hours after your first vote. Voting ends October 20th.

Let’s join hands to move steem higher.