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We all know that exercise is a key to burning off excess fat, but did you know that your approach to exercise can be just as important? Of course getting out there and actually exercising is what counts, but the way you go about it can help to make that exercise program even more effective and maximize your fat burning . So before you just leap into an exercise program expecting to trim the fat and tone your muscles, stop and consider the kind of exercises you’re doing, the speed at which you’re doing them and the energy you’re putting into it. All of these can make a big difference to lose fats.

Lose Belly Fat
While resistance training and cardio work are both important types of exercise, pairing them together can be even more effective in terms of the burning fat. While resistance or strength training gets your heart pumping and your circulation going, adding in a 20 minute run or bike ride after doing your resistance work helps to slowly return blood pressure to normal and reduce the strain on arteries, which is better for your system. Remember, though, to always do the resistance work first as it’s harder to do more intense exercise when you’re already fatigued.

Varying the speed of your workout is also helpful. Though it may seem tempting to go at full speed in order to burn more fat, most experts agree that alternating between high and low intensity actually helps to increase the metabolism even more, allowing you to lose more fat. Your diet should also vary if you are going to consider an alternate workout. You should increase your food intake on days when you are in a high intensity workout. Try working at high intensity for two or three days a week and then slowing things up for another two days and you’ll notice a real difference in the amount of fat you lose.

Another important approach is to vary the type of exercise you do. Not only can this help to work different parts of your body, it can also help to keep your workouts from becoming too boring, one of the main reasons that many people don’t stick with their program. You can run or walk one day, do some resistance work another, and throw in some work on an elliptical machine, which allows you to work both the upper and lower body. Many elliptical machines even come with programs specifically engineered to help burn calories and reach various weight loss goals.

Getting the most out of your workout means making sure that you not only exercise regularly but that you have enough energy to get through your routine. A good way to ensure this is by working out early in the day. A lot of people tend to put off their trip to the gym until the end of the day but by then your energy is waning so your workout will be less effective or you may put it off entirely. Exercising first thing in the morning, when your energy level is at its highest, ensures a more effective workout and at the same time can help to sustain your energy level throughout the day. However, starting out early requires you to eat heavy breakfast. This way, you will have enough calories to burn and you will be able to work effectively.

Even when you can’t get to the gym there are simple things you can do throughout the day to get your muscles moving and help yourself lose weight. Park further away from your destination and walk from your car to the building or take the stairs instead of the elevator. It doesn’t seem like much but even those little amounts of movement can make a big difference. And if you do take the steps, try taking them two at a time to add a little resistance and give your muscles even more of a workout. You can also try going around the workplace during your break. You can do this for 15 minutes and you will see how effective it is to keep your body moving.

No matter what kind of exercise you opt to do, don’t forget to include some stretching before and after each workout. This is important to keep your muscles limber and decrease soreness, which can help you to get the most out of your workout. In fact, exercising without properly stretching first can lead to injury as the muscles aren’t prepared for the intensity of exercise. About 10 minutes of slow, focused stretching before your workout helps to prepare muscles and a quick stretch afterward helps them to cool down naturally and avoid cramping. This is a vital part of every workout routine. All other exercises and its effectiveness depends on how prepared your body is.

Finally, if you’re one of those people who subconsciously does everything they can to avoid working out, make it harder on yourself by packing your gym bag the night before and leaving it by the door, or even directly in your path so you can’t hurry off without falling over it. That way you’ll have no excuse for skipping your workout and your body will thank you for it in the long run. You need enough motivation to be ready for your regular workout. Seeing your things all packed up for gym will help you get that energy to start the day right.

Getting the right amount of exercise is important for many reasons, but it’s particularly crucial if you want to burn off fat and tone your body. If you’re looking to lose weight more effectively and keep it off permanently, then consider how you can adjust your regular approach to exercise so that you can get the most out of your workout. When done correctly, the results will be well worth the extra effort. Dedication is a very important consideration for this. You should be serious about your workout and you need to allow more time for it.

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