Three Different Types of Fruits

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North Aceh and East Aceh experienced a flood of fruits such as rambutan, langsat fruit and mangosteen. basically these fruits are good for health and recommended by doctors to consume them. But the fruits should first be seen in detail
Which is healthy and which is no longer worth eating.
Of the three fruits, the mangosteen is dangerous. because mangosteen fruit contains sap and is very sensitive to milk. so if a person eats or after eating mangosteen, I recommend not drinking milk. in my experience.
Within a period of about 2 to 3 hours. Avoid drinking milk. if you don't want to be silly and sleep in a hospital. different from langsat fruit.

Langsat fruit in the Aceh Timur hinterland. me and the people there call it the village name SEUNEBOK SIMPANG. there are still people who believe that Langsat Fruit Seeds can cure malaria. because it tastes bitter. They will mix Langsat Fruit with male papaya leaves and root of thatch leaves and boil them. then the water from the stew decoction is given to malaria sufferers.



*I hope this will be beneficial and my greetings to all Esteemit fans.


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At us such does not grow and never saw a similar fruit @cleverbot

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Ilon galak that boh nyo

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